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A stereotype is often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic (Woodstock, 2012). As an African American male, I’ve encountered many different stereotypes. One of the many experiences that come to mind is when I lived in South Korea for a year. I was lucky enough to get a nice military assignment in Seoul, South Korea to conduct military operations. The duties of my position allowed me to wear civilian attire, and live out on the economy as a normal person not affiliated with the military. With this came many odd looks and stereotypes. It usually occurred when shopping in the city. Most native Koreans know Basic ...view middle of the document...

I am often guilty of Hasty Generalization arguments. I have this perception that most high level government employees are not in-touch with the workplace nor do they understand what the lower level employee’s job actually entails. This could be based on personal experiences in which I’ve received direction from senior leaders that was not sound or applicable to my job. I blame this based off their high salaries and politics. This is an invalid argument just because this may not be the case in all instances. But it is a stereotype that I sometime refer too when directives come down from higher up in the workplace.
Lastly, some persons of Spanish descent have a negative stereotype (Hasty Generlization) in America when it comes to work. This varies by location. But in southern Border States, there are a large number of immigrants both legal and illegal who work some of the most harsh laborer jobs out there. It is perceived by some that persons of Spanish decent are only good for labor jobs, because all that they see are the...

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