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Stereotypes Essay

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Two story plots from famous shows today can really show how our society looks at different races. Stereotypes can be seen very well in particularly “Everybody Hates Chris” and “George Lopez.” In both of this series, the writers make it a huge focus on how stereotypes are given to people with a certain race. Both shows I will analyze to show the positive and negative stereo types that are shown.
Everybody Hates Chris is a show that many ethnic groups can connect and relate to. The show is about an African American 13 year old that lives in the projects of New York City. After leaving their old house, the family moves to the “nicer” side of Bed Stuy during a crack ...view middle of the document...

Also while trying to do that he has to take care of his two children Max (in elementary school) and Carmen(9th grade). George grew up with a single alcoholic mother who neglected him as a child who now lives with his family (Lopez, 2012).
Everybody Hates Chris definitely has a lot of differences and similarities when it comes to media representation of African American family communication. The media’s typical African American family is run by one strong mother but in the show the family is run by two strong parents. Also in the show when Chris or any of his siblings got in serious trouble they were always threatened to get beaten. In a lot of African American families when children are in serious trouble it is common to beat the child or threaten the child with beatings. While in school, Chris is always the first to be blamed when something goes wrong. All the white teachers and adults think he is a trouble maker because of his skin color. It does show when things get hard for the family that they forget about the differences and stand up for each other (Jamieson, 2012).
The George Lopez Show is another great show that has a lot of differences and similarities when comes to media representation of Latino family communication. The media’s typical Latino family is a giant family living in one house that tends to be very loud when they speak. The family in the show is large. It consists of George, his wife, and his two children, his mother, his brother,...

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