Stereotypes On Hollywood Movies Essay

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Teenagers believe TV. They are trying to find where they fit into society - and TV tells them. They are either a 'nerd'; or they are 'cool'.

To be cool you have to go out and spend all your money on new clothes.

Most hollywood movies just put a bunch of steriotypes on a screen.

It is believed that Hollywood affects a lot of things people do, think and say. I will be looking at whether Hollywood affects the world in a positive or negative way. Hollywood films promote sex and violence. This affects moral values of a majority of people and leads young people to think this is right. "My parents won't let me see any movies that really have violence," said Seth, an 11-year-old student ...view middle of the document...

.. You know in the last two years we have seen a rise in our youth concerning gangs, crime, car chases, alcohol, drugs and anorexia to say the least, even murder!!
I have wondered if it has been Hollywood that has helped contribute to our young society and have made them what they are today? Blockbusters come out in the droves now with violence and killing and car chases and we as a Nation are hungry for more!! Yes, even myself like to watch a good action, but when a youth watches it, thinks it's 'cool' and then may even want to try out what they watch. Most movies are now rated "M", where any child can go and see.... Years ago, children went to only G and PG and PGR's, now it's open to the "M" which really is Restricted to 15 yr olds.
We see car chases like those of "Fast and the Furious" and yesterday a young man was in a car chase going 180 mph before crashing into the bridge in Hastings.
When is this going to stop??? Our girls are constantly wanting to diet because they think they are too fat!! Starving themselves to try and look sexy like the Music Video's and wanting to be like the famous actresses that 'guy's like' splashed throughout the screens. Nowadays it's not what's in the heart, but portrayed what's in the outer... Appearances seem to be everything these days!!
Child abuse is on the rise, where even our youth are taking part in the abusing "for fun"....

Why do we have to take on everything that Hollywood throws our way and feed ourselves on emotional "junk food??"

As parents, I feel and remember, this is my own opinion is that we need to protect our youth and teach them what is real and what is not..... If anything they all need guidance, could it be that there may be a lack of Male Leadership in our Country??

Artistic. Hollywood films are poor, lowest-common denominator pulp, relying on special effects and large quantities of sex and violence to mask preposterous plots, weak dialogue and poor acting. The studios’ addiction to test audiences leads to unadventurous films, with compulsory happy endings and slushy morals

Moral. Hollywood films glorify sex and violence, attacking the moral values of all societies and leading their young astray. Even in America the ethical values of Hollywood have come under considerable attack in the 2000 Presidential race.


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