Stereotyping Men And Women In Mass Media

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After watching television and flipping though ads and articles in several magazines, the stereotyping of men and women is so apparent but at the same time society is so blind to it. In society parents teach their children gender role at a very early age. Gender role refers to the attitudes, behavior, and activities that are socially defined as appropriate for each sex learned through the socialization process (Lips, 1993). Males are traditionally expected to show aggressiveness and toughness, and females are expected to be passive and nurturing. For example, little girls play with baby dolls and play "house" and little boys play with toy guns and play "cops and robbers."Mass media are ...view middle of the document...

Why are women so underrepresented in industry and business? Clearly it is because of the double standard that society holds women to. Females are forced to adopt the "masculine" administration practices of proficiency and boldness. However, women who do this have been rated as less proficient and sufficient. Studies have demonstrated that women who exhibit these qualities are discriminated against. These negative reactions are more specifically those of males because they feel intimidated by it. The effect of this extra stress is so extreme that women are held out of nearly all corporate management positions (Fox). So, a woman must change her personality to one more feminine and submissive in order to become more profitable and desirable in the corporate job market. This is a result of the distinctions between genders created by society.Another example of gender stereotyping is sports coverage. Woman who participate in sports, especially sports that are considered inappropriate for women, are often portrayed in a negative way. Women athletes are almost invisible and never covered on television. While male athletes have article after article, magazine covers, sports shows are seen as heroes, larger than life people. Even through organizations like the WNBA, professional women's sports is almost never heard of until the Olympics comes around, very little people are aware there is a women's U.S baseball team.The consequences of media depictions of women could produce...

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