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There are themes in life that everyone goes through at one point or another. These universal themes, however, are experienced in different orders. As in In the Name of the Father, sometimes it takes the death of a loved one to bring meaning to one's life. In the case of The Death of Ivan Ilyitch, though, it is his own death that is dealt with.Ivan lived a pleasant life, attending law school, being in the company of high society. He did some things that he questioned at first, for the acts made him feel a bit disgraceful. He saw that the same acts did not bother other men, and therefore put them out of his mind. He never questioned himself why these acts were distasteful, or why these men ...view middle of the document...

He felt that as long as his business life was fine, although he ignored his family life, he lived a good life.Once an accident left him terminally ill, one could say he began to accept the role of death in his life. He didn't accept it with open arms, however, for he was often disturbed and cried of death's approach. As successful as he was in his career, he was a poor man in the sense that ignorance had caused him to fear death. It's not that he didn't experience death before -- he had a few children who died at young ages. Those deaths seemed to him to be interferences and a blockade of enjoying life to the fullest. He should have realized that death is inevitable to all of us, and then he would at least be somewhat prepared to accept the role of his own death. He was prosperous in a business sense, but was an empty man in the moral sense of virtuosity.Ivan expressed bad faith by blaming his condition on God. He asks why He has put him in this position, and what he ever did to deserve this agony. His own soul began to offer some answers by questioning his past life. He began to review the events in his life from childhood on. Now these memories held a different meaning to him, for they don't seem as pleasant as he thought they were at the time. He began to realize how life just went by without contributing anything to it to make it important. He was merely an inactive participant in a game where nobody wins, for we all end up the same -- dead. The...

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