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Stone Angel Essay

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INTROPride has many benefits and many downfalls. Many qualities of pride can be beneficial, to be proud of family or friends can be uplifting and can form strong bonds. But pride can also mask genuine human emotions; stop those who feel pride from showing vulnerability, or weakness. The qualities of pride itself can be complex and inconceivable, like many human qualities. Each particular emotion has diverse and opposite effects, pride for example can be a word used to describe utter happiness and fulfillment, while others can use pride to close themselves off. In the book Stone Angel, written by the well known author Margaret Laurence, pride is often portrayed as a negative quality. It is ...view middle of the document...

PARA 2Similarly some people are too proud to show femininity, they associate it with weakness. Their inability to be a caring and compassionate individual causes them to lose those closest to them. Isolation from love causes them to realize that their actions were faulty. Hagar Currie grows up in a household filled with boys, she lacked the feminine influence of a mother and therefore lacked the ability to embrace her femininity. Hagar is raised in a very traditionalistic way by her father Jason Currie; she is raised in a highly religious household which imbues her with the moral foundation that will prove integral to Hagar's person. Hagar associated her mother's death with weakness, "her who relinquished her feeble ghost as I gained my stubborn one," (3). All those whom she associated with her mother died, she believes that she is nothing like her mother and that her brothers take more after her than she, "my brothers took after our mother, graceful unspirited boys…"(7). When Hagar's brother Dan is dieing she refuses to act like her mother in order to comfort him in his dying breaths. Her inability to give her brother peace when he is dyeing causes her to damage the relationship with her other brother Matt. Hagar displays many qualities of her father but not many of her mothers, she tends to correspond weakness with the feminine qualities of her mother, "'You take after me,' he said, as though that made everything clear. 'You've got a backbone, ill give you that'"(10), taking after her father, Hagar is looked at as special. Jason Currie still loves her more and is appreciative the qualities he sees mirrored in her. This preferential treatment because of her dissimilarities with her mother, teaches Hagar that being like her mother is negative. Hagar is imbued with the teachings of her father, strength and an unwavering pride. Hagar is likewise; proud of her likeness with her father, "I wouldn't let him see me cry" (9), her inability to display any quality that is feminine is indicative of the values her father taught her. He always rewarded her when she was strong; he would behave proudly of how alike they were. Hagar's pride...

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