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Chocolate is by far the most common food item that people report that they crave. Those who crave chocolate tend to do so when they are emotionally distressed, although a separate dimension, whether one feels guilt, is also important. There are two major explanations of chocolate craving. First, it is said to result from a pleasant taste. Alternatively, it has been suggested to reflect physiological mechanisms, including increased serotonin production; the release of endorphins; the actions of methylxanthines, phenylethylamine, and anandamides; and the supply of magnesium. Chocolate is a special food; for many it has a uniquely attractive taste (Nehlig 2004). It has a cultural ...view middle of the document...

Globalization can be a threat to chocolate businesses because globalization can produce alternative products that can reduce the need for chocolate products. A threat to The Real Chocolate Company is the competitors. The competitors will try everything they can to gain a better standing against The Real Chocolate Company. The competitors might discover systems that are better than The Real Chocolate Company’s system. The Real Chocolate Company needs to be always prepared for the threats brought by other chocolate companies. The threat to the company includes the laws in the country they are operating in. There may be some future laws that will regulate the ingredients of products. The laws may be used against production of chocolate products. Another threat to the company is the tariffs and taxes that the company has in different countries, each countries has its own rate of taxes and tariff that creates additional expenses for the company. A threat to The Real Chocolate Company is the health issues that might be raised by certain groups. The health concerns on the subscription to chocolate products can be used as propaganda against the company. Lastly a threat to The Real Chocolate Company is the global financial crisis which is slowly giving problems to businesses. The global financial crisis will reduce the client of The Real Chocolate Company and might force it to close some of its branches.
 An opportunity for The Real Chocolate Company is to find out more ways to give a distinctive look and features to their products. The company can continue to make sure that their products are uniquely packaged. The company can create attractive and trendy packages that will attract their target market.  By doing this the company will have competitive advantage over other firms. An opportunity for the company is to improve the features of their website. The website can be improved by adding online communication systems that will help the company communicate with perspective and regular clients or retailers. By doing this it can attract more clients and retailers from various parts of the world. An opportunity for The Real Chocolate Company is to continue to make use of newer technologies that will provide better service to clients. The Real Chocolate Company can use the advancements in manufacturing facilities and technologies to make sure that the clients will achieve satisfaction. The company can make use of newer technologies to create the best product possible. An opportunity for The Real Chocolate Company is to continue to reach newer markets where it can offer its products.  The company should consider making products that specifically target clients who are health and weight conscious. This will divert itself from other companies and will help the company achieve higher income rates. Lastly an opportunity for The Real Chocolate Company is to increase public knowledge about the company and the product it provides. This could be done...

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