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Strategic Audit Of Gap Inc Essay

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Organization Mission and Vision . The company 's organizational mission
and vision is not expressly stated in their website , although from their
purposes and values , it can be asserted that Gap 's most basic mission is
to make it easy for customers to express their personal style throughout
their life . The company is , as quoted in their official website ,
`committed to serving the needs of our customers while delivering
quality earnings and long-term value to our shareholders (Internet ,
2008 . Their vision is to become a leader in the retail clothing trade ,
so that they could present the highest return for their shareholders
through developing great leaders , holding them accountable for what they
expected to achieve and working hard to retain the talent that is
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The company has
three brands under their helm , other than the Gap brand that they carry ,
which are : Banana Republic , Old Navy and Paperlime .
The Gap brand offers wardrobe essentials such as T-shirts , hoodies ,
great-fitting pants and denim and now includes product lines for kids (GapKids , babies (babyGap , pregnant women (GapMaternity ) and (body
necessities ) Gapbody . The Banana Republic brand is established by the
firm as a luxury brand offering high-quality apparel and accessories
collections for men and women offering essentials and seasonal
collections of accessories , shoes , personal care products and intimate
apparel fitting for work and casual occasions .
The Old Navy brand offers Gap customers the best value for their money
with their collection of apparel and accessories , as well as basics .
Putting forward an Item of the Week (a special item at a special price )
every week and coming out with much-talked-about advertising campaigns
helps promote the brand that is distinctively Gap . Finally , the
Paperlime brand is an online-based shoe shop ( HYPERLINK "http /www .paperlime .com " www .paperlime .com ) offering selections of
more than one hundred of the world 's best footwear brands for women , men
and kids . Its website also offers fresh tips on the latest footwear
trends and styles , as well as exclusive contributions by guest editors
such as celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe .
Organizational Stakeholders . Part of strategic management is the
maintenance of a good stakeholders ' relationship as a stepping-stone to
the eventual attainment of organizational goals . A rapport with
stakeholders is essential , as they are part of the business environment .
Organizational stakeholders to the firm include shareholders , employees ,
consumers , local communities , government , and other businesses .
Shareholders and employees are given stakeholders .

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