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Strategic Business Plan Essay

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Strategic plan for TAG Motorsports
Todd Guthrie
June 25, 2012
Becky Shokraii

Strategic plan for TAG Motorsports
The economy may not be conducive to opening a new business however; the need for a local motorcycle manufacturer and repair business outweighs the economic outlook. TAG Motorsports will open with a vision, mission, and values that determine the strategic direction of the organization. A SWOTT analysis, balanced scorecard initiatives, communication plan, and monitor and control measures, as well as recommended actions for improved corporate citizenship are included.
Mission of TAG Motorsports
TAG Motorsports is a locally owned motorcycle manufacturer and repair ...view middle of the document...

The culture at TAG Motorsports is one of motorcycle enthusiasts that love to ride and the relationships that surround the lifestyle. The people that cultivate this culture are the owner and employees who believe: treat others as you wish to be treated. Be open, honest, and above reproach at all times. The organization will give back to the local community by sponsoring bike runs with the proceeds going to local nonprofit community based organizations that help the needy. The business will be run ethically, ensuring the work that is done is honest, needed, and performed as if the technician was working on his or her own bike. The partners that provide parts and supplies for the business will have the same principles and values as TAG Motorsports. The ownership will seek out businesses with the same values and ethics ensuring a seamless operation. These traits will emanate throughout the organization producing a culture and business that is sought out by perspective customers.
The owner and employees drive the strategic direction of the company. The belief that doing what is right and expected by the customer will differentiate the business from others that will do anything to make a profit. At TAG Motorsports being open, honest, and true to your customer and self will propel the business to the best in the west. The custom-built motorcycle is becoming extinct, at TAG Motorsports truly one off bikes are built. Customers are assured they have the original and will not see another like it on the road. The large multi manufacturer businesses have customers return for warranty repair because they were told they could only have work done at that facility. TAG Motorsports is an authorized repair and warranty center for all other manufacturers, the marketing and advertising strategies of the organization will educate and inform the consumer of their options. The business will thrive by word of mouth and become profitable following the mission, vision, and ethics set forth by the owner and employees.
TAG Motorsports addresses customer need and satisfaction by putting the customer first. To build a business one must satisfy the customer. If the customer is happy so are the businesses they frequent. Word of mouth can build a business or tear it apart. TAG Motorsports will be transparent with each customer, show him or her worn or broken parts, and explain why it is necessary to replace or repair their bike. Competitive advantage is achieved because there is a need for an open, honest manufacturer and service center in the motorcycle business. The nearest factory service facilities are over an hour north or south of Merced; this distance creates some consternation for bikers, as they need to trailer their bike for service and repairs. With a local authorized shop, they can ride their bike in for service, get to know the technicians and owner, and receive the best service in the business. The custom-build customer has the satisfaction of knowing that his...

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