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Strategic Change Management Essay

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Introduction …………………………………………………………………………… 03

LO1. Understand the background to organizational strategic change
1.1 Discuss a minimum of three established models of strategic change, highlighting the differences in approach.
1.2 Evaluate the relevance of models of strategic change, and using examples from ...view middle of the document...

Be able to plan to implement models for ensuring ongoing change
4.1 Develop appropriate models for ongoing change in your chosen organization that would reflect the
Circumstances of the organization.
4.2 Plan to implement the model for change in your chosen organization considering its external and
Internal circumstances.
4.3Develop appropriate, practical and workable measures to monitor the progress of the change
Once it is launched.


Strategic management mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and deals with big marketing planning. It tries to explain how a company can make a continuous profit in a planned manner.It is pretty important to plan the strategies from the higher level of organization and should understand marketplace well. They should also know the requirements of the customers.
There are few keys to follow.
The leading organizations must analyze the demands for their products and make sure about the competition with the same levels of competitors.
The actual organization with strategic change management will divide the potential customers into segments and find the best ways to convince them. Every division may or may not require a distinct marketing.

When satisfying customer division and increasing market value (share) also becomes important. The organization must improve the share to make it successful and long lasting. Strategic marketing planning should be built with a strong foundation, so that the share will become tangible to their customers.


1.1 Discuss a minimum of three established models of strategic change, highlighting the differences in approach.

The strategic change management is all about various type of approach towards the developing project. It is about just taking a step back from the execution level in order to evaluate it from a other angle.

In the old project cycle the evaluation and monitoring was done at the end of the project. This model changes that by monitoring the ongoing process then and there. It is important to change and rectify the process at each and every level on time. As aexecutive (Manager) you must verify your project from various sides if you miss the day-to-day task execution, How will you know about the selected project tool? And whether it is effective or not? How will you measure the quality of the project? Which will be your indicators?

In order to maintain the strategic change management model, which will support the current implementation and there will be long term impact on the program with the questions as follows:
 Purpose of project?
 Evaluation level of project?
 What it will be after 3 year?
 How to...

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