Strategic Crisis Management Culinary Tourism For Unique Positioning Of Ontario In A Global Marketplace

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|Culinary Tourism for Unique Positioning of Ontario in a Global Marketplace |
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The industry over the years has come face to face with some very serious potential crises that threatened to derail its steady expansion. First, being the sustainability of this industry in Ontario that depends greatly on the idea of staying local and building partnerships with local farmers and local culinary product producers. A connected crisis is the potential food shortages from reliance on imported ingredients in their menus. Seasonal menus for regional areas that draw from what that area produces during that season can not only decrease operational overhead, but also stand as a marketing tool. Marketing is the key for Ontario’s Culinary Tourism industry emergence on the international stage, where competition is at its highest. Competing for that tourist’s dollar on a daily basis not only with in your own local area, all the way up to the international stage, competition is fierce and the ability to stay one-step ahead is crucial. This is a natural occurrence, competition in this industry is a looming crisis and with the ability to build relationship with other regions to form a grid work of mutual support and stability. But, in recent history the crisis of food born illnesses has been in the forefront of this industry. With the outbreak of listeria in maple leaf food products and the e coli in spinach products the reliance on imported products entwines itself into a serious crisis that would cripple this industry. By relying locally on products in the surrounding area the ability to monitor the care and quality of the product is easier. Also, with the high standards and regulations that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has set in place the occurrences of these food born illnesses can be greatly decreased. Crisis Management is key to the prevention, proper handling and repositioning that Is required after an industry or individual is hit with a crisis, and with the proposed recommendations and regulations already in place the ability for the Culinary Tourism Industry to survive these crises is on the rise.


In any environment, crisis is unpredictable and can strike anytime. Recent scenarios in the Culinary Tourism landscape include food contamination, financial crisis, strikes, natural disasters, and threats of competition. In any case no matter what the situations or the level of its severity, the repercussions from these is a serious threat to the Culinary Tourism Industries bottom line as well as its reputation. The worst possible time to make crisis management decisions is during the disaster itself and organization should be equipped with the know-how to handle such situations in order to mitigate loss. Culinary vacations are becoming increasingly popular and are being offered in a variety of places (International Culinary Tourism Association, 2010). In one of the latest Hollywood movie successes, Eat Pray Love, the experience of a middle aged American woman, who is going to Italy for one month to...

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