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Taxonomy of Management Theories
by Lisa McQuerrey, Demand Media
Different management theories address different aspects of corporate leadership.
Different management theories address different aspects of corporate leadership.

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The taxonomy of management theories represents classifications of detailed descriptions of management approaches, philosophies and practices used across a wide range of industries. Each individual theory outlines specific approaches to issues related to workforce management topics including employee morale, leadership styles ...view middle of the document...

Scientific Management Theory
Scientific management theory uses a management approach that first emerged in the late 1880s. The theory supports establishing specific organizational tasks for employees and employing a strict system of measurement to determine the success or failure of an employee’s work product. An example of employing scientific management theory can be found in assembly line production, where employees are expected to produce a specific number of products in a specified time frame.

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Human Relations Management Theory
A popular form of modern management theory, the human relations management theory incorporates behavioral sciences in hiring and management practices. Examples of this theory include administering personality tests on prospective employees and allowing established departments to conduct group interviews with prospective new hires. This theory also employs techniques to match employee skill sets with positions, tasks and responsibilities that best suit their natural talents.

Progressive Management Theory
The progressive management theory takes a proactive approach to employee development. Companies develop job shadowing and mentoring programs and provide professional development and continuing education opportunities for employees. Companies that employ this practice frequently promote from within and assist with career development plans.

Systems Management Theory
The systems management theory takes into consideration all aspects of a company or organization and the ways in which individual components work together. It also factors in ways in which different parts of a corporate system impact one another. This theory looks at chain reactions in organizations and how the reaction impacts other parts of a system. For example, if a marketing manager misses a deadline for writing a newsletter article for his editor, the impact isn’t necessarily limited to the manager and the editor. If the newsletter is delayed, it can increase costs for late production, impacting the company budget; newsletters that get to subscribers late may cause them to miss a sale or event, impacting event planning and revenue production.

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