Strategic Impact On Empowerment Essay

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Use of the research results_________________________________________________

1. To inform the gender strategy which will be developed as part of the CO LRSP process
2. To build Yemen CO capacity and critical engagement around the issue of gender
3. Improve design and impact of future programmes in Yemen
4. Give feedback of results to participants and other key stakeholders including the IMLT team.

Key research questions and sub-questions_____________________________________

Key question
Is association formation an effective strategy for women’s empowerment and if so in what ways? If ...view middle of the document...

1.5 hour drive from Mahwit town.
As there are two teams (consisting of 2 female researchers per team), each village will be visited for 5 days by one of the teams. The teamleader will alternate between the two teams.

|Dates |Association |Village |District |
|11-15 April |Al Amanah (2003) |Beni Ayub |Hofash |
| |Al Amal (2004) |Al Kalaa |Hofash |
|18-22 April |Attasamuh (2005) |Manhabbah |Ar Rujum |
| |Assadaqa (2000) |Beit Humeidah |Ar Rujum |
|25-29 April |Al Ihsan (2004) |Al Qarn |Al Mahwit |
| |No association |Beit al Mar’awi |? |
|2-6 May |? (2001) |Adana |Shibam (?) |
| |Attafawuq (2004) |Yallan |Attawila |

Data sources and Design_________________________________________________

1. Literature review, including CARE data on the villages
2. Key informant consultation – indicator workshop
3. 8 villages; 7 with associations 1 without
- In the village
• Women (members and non-members)
• Families and married couples
• Village leaders
• Men
• Larger village meetings (1 men and possibly 2 women)

The research team
1 team leader and 2 teams of 2 women

Time line______________________________________________________________

|Literature review |14-31 March |
|Indicator workshop |21-23 March |
|Finalize research design |6 April |
|Training research team |7-10 April |
|Data collection |11 april-8 May |
|Analysis (first cut) |9-13 May |
|Analysis workshop ...

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