Strategic It Plan Essay

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Heathwood Hardware, Inc.
Strategic IT Plan
Capella University
January 19, 2016

Table of Contents

EIA Analysis3
Systems and Data Integration4
Enterprise Information Systems6
Security Issues7
Disaster Recovery Plan8
Transformation through Web-Based Technology7
Website Proposal13
Appendix A: Interface Design Evaluation15
Appendix B: Annotated Bibliography17

This IT strategic plan for Heathwood Hardware, Inc. (HHI) is intended to serve as a guide for coordinating an information-enabled enterprise. HHI must take advantage of IT and the internet to beat their competitors and with this plan there is a holistic approach to ...view middle of the document...

This plan will also include web-based operations, via a website, to reach a global audience, promote services, provide online access to product catalogs and secure online ordering as well as vendor access. In the business-to-business aspect, HHI will be more efficient and effective because of web-based operations. However, due to HHIs lack of IT resources their Board of Trustees will need understand how this plan will affect the people, processes, and technology involved.
EIA Analysis
Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA) is the framework of people, processes, and technology working together. EIA’s principal purpose is to help an organization like HHI in achieving its IT strategic plan objectives. The architecture is the baseline that identifies all of the IT capabilities. The various systems that HHI uses today will integrate and share information to elevate manual transactions and duplicate data.
For instance, within an EIA orders placed online must be verified through the inventory management system. This means that before a customer can place an order, the information being requested is interfacing with the inventory management system to ensure that the supplies needed are available for processing. The customer at this point can make the decision to move forward with the request or make a different choice, depending the availability of the product. Should the customer choose to move forward, the order is placed and the request fulfillment and accounting systems are notified. This capability would increase accountability and productivity for HHI. Not only does HHI meet customer expectations, it is able to use concentrate on other aspects of the business such as increasing the market size because they would be able to handle additional customers at that point. Also, performance analysis of real-time, key performance indicators could be assessed against the critical success factors of the organization allowing for a more competitive outlook.
While the benefits are desirable for any organization, there will be challenges with EIA. EIA solutions are customized to the organization and may demand additional IT staff and training to become better suited to the altered infrastructure and the business requirements. Also, as the EAI solution may exist alongside some legacy systems, it may take the place of others, creating discontent, a learning curve, and loss of productivity. These factors could be potential barriers for the personnel involved. However, the benefits outweigh these challenges justifying a systems and data integration approach.
Systems and Data Integration
Interoperability is the magic word that is expected to solve HHI’s IT infrastructure issues, allowing varied systems to talk to each other and exchange information in a meaningful way. HHI’s small IT staff manages four major systems that do not communicate. So, how can HHI systems and data be integrated? By developing a global system for HHI,...

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