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Strategic Plan Part Ii Essay

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Strategic Plan Part II: Swott Analysis
Sonia Elias
January 22, 2013
Robert Cantu
Organizations in today’s competitive business world must include a strong and effective strategic plan. Elias Services must implement such a plan that will carry the business to new heights. This strategic plan must include a mission and vision statement that will describe what the company stands for. By using a helpful tool such as the SWOTT analysis, Elias Services’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends will be identified. Another successful tool that will be used will be the balance score sheet.

Strategic Plan Part II: Swott Analysis
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An effective strategic plan requires the evaluation of internal and external environments of a business. The SWOTT analysis makes the evaluation easier for businesses to be successful.
Elias services requires a Swott analysis to project to the company their strengths and weakness to give the company the opportunity to improve their needs and to better know how the company can have a better understanding of what need to improve or continue working with the same management.

External forces and trends considerations:

Special licensing is required to function the company

Rental insurance for the building
Purchasing the rental building

The customers can easily sue in case of any serious problems caused by the products
New rules and regulations can make easy to do the work for costumers
Reputation all over the state
Geographical Coverage
To open a new office
Need to check the area

Easily Affordable
Variety of services
Due to economic slump decreased in requesting of services
New product lines will be developed
Slump in economy means customers do not have an abundance of disposable income
Give the costumers better prices so they can afford them
Using better computers with the new software’s to improve the job
Lack of initial funding will result in renting the equipment
Adaptability to embrace new technology & incorporate it into the business

Appeal for diversified customer
Marketing of the services to the diversified customers
Expansion by offering new services

Internal forces and trends considerations:

Appropriate location for the office
Easily accessible and approachable
Services for everyone

Best services at low costs
Successfully grow and expand by offering more than the competition
Better facilities at low prices for the customers


Process and Systems
Follow the process to not have problems with costumers

services are cutting edge
Updated and appropriate training to use the techniques and tool to all employees
value-added services

Offer good services
New competence for the business
Help customers with their need
Try to low the prices for the services
Try to get new services
Strategic Capabilities

Appealing to customers from different cultures

Limited finances

Ability to expand culture
Unable to meet all the cultures

Information regarding the services, tools and techniques, related income...

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