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Strategic Management

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Undertake an internal analysis of the organisation and an analysis of its external environment, using appropriate strategic management tools.
Craft strategies and explain their appropriateness.

Executive Summary
This assignment analyses the strategic position of Multi Beverages Inc, with the aim of developing a strategy plan for this organisation. Steps include performing a SWOT analysis, a PESTEL analysis and examining Porter’s five competitive forces. A vision statement, a mission statement and a value statement was also developed and explained. The generic strategy of the organisation has been identified as “best cost provider”. Strategic and financial objectives have been developed and strategies have been crafted. Tables have been placed in the appendix showing the details of the results.

1. Introduction 5
Discussion 5
2. Strategy: what do we mean by this? 5
3. Vision Statement 6
4. Mission Statement 7
5. Statement of Values 8
6. Setting Objectives. 8
6.1 Financial Objectives and Strategic Objectives 9
6.2 Financial Objectives of MBI 9
6.3 Strategic Objectives 9
7. Internal analysis of MBI 10
8. Analysis of the external environment within which MBI operates 11
8.1 Porter’s model of five competitive forces is used as one of the analytic tools for the external environment within which MBI operates. 11
8.2 MBI will also use the PESTEL analysis tool as part of the external environmental analysis. 11
8.2.1 POLITICAL 12
8.2.2 ECONOMIC 12
8.2.3 SOCIAL 12
8.2.5 LEGAL 12
9. Crafting Strategies 13
10. Conclusion 14
11. Reference 14
12. Appendices 15

1. Introduction
Multi Beverage Inc (MBI) is a medium-sized Guyanese publicly-owned company which manufactures and sells a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It has an average staff count of one thousand five hundred (1500) employees. Located in the city of Georgetown, capital of Guyana, MBI has been in existence for twenty five (25) years. With two thousand (2000) shareholders, MBI is expected to operate in a professional and profitable manner at all times.
With this in mind, I will perform strategic planning for this organisation, up to the point of crafting strategies.
2. Strategy: what do we mean by this?
Strategy is the action plan of the management of a company or organisation which will enable them to compete successfully and operate profitably, based on well-thought out and considered choices (reference Thompson et al. 2014).
Strategy aims to place an organisation in a position which will enable it to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals.
However, to reach that position, Thompson et al. (2014) posited that states that management must first ask itself the following three core questions
1. What is our present situation?
2. Where do we want to go from here?
3. How are we going to get there?
The above...

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