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Strategic Planning Efforts, Benefits And Failures

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1. Analyze the problem

Wong Gillmore was a very good branch manager in a bank. Everything was fine until one of her assistant manager Yvone Frechette has been promoted to a better job and larger branch. The problems are the employee in the bank was not sufficient to accommodate all of the customers and because of that the employees are overworked including Wong Gillmore. For me their biggest problem is their having difficulty in managing their time.

2. Possible solution to the problem

First of al, they must hire a new assistant manager as a replacement for Yvone Frechette so that the work of Wong Gillmore will be lessen and don’t suffer under constant time pressure. Second Will ...view middle of the document...

She is transmitting the information about the bank to the clients.

2. Identify the planning, organizing, leading and controlling functions performed by Wong-Gillmore.

Marjorie Wong Gillmore performs her management function in the following ways:

A. Planning

Her planning involves her goal of getting more and more customers for the bank and expanding the bank’s business. As her planning activities are concerned she has kept a 3 page list of things to be done next day, after a weekend.

B. Organizing

One of her assistant managers has been promoted and sent to the larger branch. She thinks to hire one person as an assistant manager. The current situation is making her job more hectic and tiresome but still she can organize everything. She will soon be making arrangements for a new employee.

C. Leading
She keeps a tract of the activities of her assistant managers. She leads them in a way that on weekdays, except Monday she holds staff meetings with her subordinates at 9am to review the bank’s various products. She directs and informs her staff members about these so that they are able to explain these accounts types to the customers.

D. Controlling

She decides whether to accept a check or reject it. It comes in the rules and regulations implemented by the Head office.
3. What work agendas does Wong Gillmore seem to have? How do...

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