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Strategic Planning Phase I Essay

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Strategic Planning Phase I:
Conceptualizing a Business Introduction and Purpose
Stacy D. Sullins
University of Phoenix
Integrated Business Topics

Strategic Planning: Conceptualizing a Business Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of this article is to introduce the product and service selection chosen which was for this scenario a marketing company specializing in events and catering service organizations providing leads for customers by connecting them with venues, suppliers, food, and staffing needs. These staffing services include administrative support, HR, on-site wait and bar staff, not to mention accounts payables accounts receivables, payroll, and financial ...view middle of the document...

Remain service levels while at the most attractive pricing possible through influence with suppliers, that has the highest likelihood of successful placement due the changing industry employment need being the primary focus and reasoning that versatility on top of flexibility meets all party’s needs.

This influential aspect is the direct results of the customer pricing and service that is favorable because of the strong relationships built from using specific vendors and getting contracts in place.

The speed and diverse vendor list enables Stacy’s Staffing Agency to not only give the client the most qualified and well suited candidate possible but the AAS can do this on a budget and within the time frame selected by utilizing the vast networking abilities.

Purpose: to ensure strategic alignment of the business and its change initiatives. As a result of setting direction businesses should have in place.
* A business strategy and vision for the future.
* A mission statement should define the business services, products, and how these differentiate the business from others in the market.
* The vision for the organization should should the company’s plans for the future and what the goals are to both employees and customers.
* The guiding principles and values should play a key role in acquiring and keeping customers business for the future by being mindful and respectful to all cultures in diverse backgrounds and well as establish a strong compliance code that enforces and clearly defines the company’s ethical and moral standards.

Customer Needs Related to Competitive Advantage

The vision and principles established should have an alignment with the organizational mission statement to ensure that all goals are concisely communicated with all the parties concerned. As stated before the differentiation s the range of services, locations and customer base should be clearly understood in the understanding of the competitive advantage aspect of these requirements, vision and strategic goals are to expand from only servicing the Dallas- Fort Worth areas to the entire southwestern United States region. The vision is clear using established and ethical customer service relations in addition to connecting the customer with the correct vendor that meets those individual needs within the quoted cost and on a timely bases from handling all aspects that are needed including billing and invoicing. The evaluation and research of what customers were not receiving from current players in the existing industry was the skill set, diversity needed to meet all customer needs, in addition to providing either a range of all needed services or just the one being requested, also the rapport developed will ensure the highest level of client services in the market as the business strives to expand. The mission statement is “SSA dedicated to connecting the right service for each customer’s individual need at the lowest...

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