Strategic Program Worksheet Essay

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Strategic Program Management Worksheet
University of Phoenix
August 28, 2010

Strategic Program Management Worksheet

|Concept |Application of Concept in the Scenario |Reference to Concept in Reading |
|Project Considerations |The question is how much autonomy the project needs in order to be successfully |“Many firms that are heavily |
| |completed. John Thomas, Chairperson, Board of Directors, gave attention to the |involved in project management |
| |status of individual projects and the major ...view middle of the document...

Under these |
| | |circumstances, a high-ranking |
| | |manager in that area is given the|
| | |responsibility of coordinating |
| | |the project” (Gray & Larson, |
| | |2006, pg. 7). |
|Project Management |Project team (board members) approach idea of recruiting necessary personnel |“In many cases, the project team |
|Structure: Dedicated |(teachers) as it relates to projects. |approach is the optimum approach |
|project teams | |for completing a project when you|
| | |view it solely from the |
| | |standpoint of what is best for |
| | |completing the project. Its |
| | |weaknesses become more evident |
| | |when the needs of the parent |
| | |organization are taken into |
| | |account”(Gray & Larson, 2006, pg.|
| | |7). |
|Strategic Management |As mentioned in the scenario, Foundation Schools is the largest provider of |Strategic management is the |
|Process |special needs and have managed to meet its financial targets in the last two |process of identifying, deciding |
| |years. |and implementing the intent and |
| | |how the company will get there. |
| |To remain competitive and provide low cost for its students,...

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