Strategies And Politics Of Develpment Essay

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Definition of Non-Governmental Organisations
These are organizations which are non-profit and operate independently from the
government or voluntarily.
About NGOs
Their main purposes is to promote human interests address social needs which
can be at domestic level or international level. NGOs have also emerged to
bridge the gap between what governments and corporations can do and what
society needs or expects.

Examples of NGOs’ and their roles in developing countries
It’s aim is to work with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering.
Oxfam responds to emergencies, provide food and shelter for people driven
from their homes by floods, hurricanes and ...view middle of the document...

This is an NGO defined as World Wife Federation. WWF’s mission is to preserve
biodiversity, reduce pollution and empower communities to sustainably
manage their resources.

This is taken to include fauna and flora, the landscape, water, soils, air and other
natural resources, with particular emphasis on the maintenance of essential
ecological processes and life support systems, and on the preservation of
genetic, species and ecosystem diversity, and on ensuring that the utilization of
wild species and natural ecosystems is sustainable; and in particular:
(a)To collect, manage and disburse funds for the conservation of nature, to review the long-term requirements of conservation in developed countries and to study and develop means of meeting these requirements.

(b) To promote awareness of the need for the conservation of nature and to assist in designing, producing and making available suitable material for educational purposes, campaigns, exhibitions and the media to assist the growth and development of the conservation movement in developing countries.

(c) To finance conservation activities and projects including research and the exchange of scientists, specialists in the conservation of nature, students and others, especially from developing countries, and to promote and participate in conferences, seminars, lectures, meetings and discussions in furtherance of the conservation of nature.
(d) To protect, acquire, administer, commercially exploit and dispose of land and other property and resources, including intellectual property.

(e) To develop worldwide moral and financial support for the conservation of nature and to appoint representatives and establish affiliated, associated or subsidiary organizations in developed countries and to co-operate with, and support, other organizations in the field of conservation.

Save The Children
The International Save the Children Alliance is one of the world's largest partnerships working to secure the rights of children and works for a world which respects and values each child; a world which listens to children and learns; a world where all children have hope and opportunity. The Alliance is an association of autonomous, non-profit, non-sectarian, voluntary organizations working throughout the world for the betterment of children, their families and their environment. The scope of activities encompasses development assistance and advocacy for children's rights, and is extended through the work of its members to developing countries throughout the world.

All of Save the Children's work is based on the rights of the child. The Alliance believes that children are the best investment we, as a global community, can make.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) works in partnership with national governments, other United Nations bodies and non-government organizations in various countries, providing services for...

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