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Strategies To Build Culture Essay

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The strategy that I selected for this assignment, Strategies to Build Culture, was one that I had suggested when I worked as in a corporate environment. The central premise was to streamline procedures, open flows of communication and develop cross-training to better optimize the current workforce and processes. Our department was comprised of groups that were assigned by their specific specialization. Every group had a supervisor and above everyone was a department manager. Each group contained subgroups that ranged from leaders, who were strong at their specialization, average/general workers who lacked the knowledge base or skills to be in the higher roles and, support workers who were ...view middle of the document...

Our work was produced by teams, teams were held accountable and yet the word “team” had simply become a label without meaning. I compiled a list of suggestions and drafted a prospectus to bring to my department manager. At the center of my strategy and presentation was a suggestion for a weekly meeting with a team representative, supervisor and/or manager so that a collaborative effort could be made to help the department overall. Tools such as cross-training, mutual feedback, suggestions/complaints, improvement in interdepartmental communication, encouragement, flexibility and shared experience were the epicenter. When I left the meeting I was assured that it was a wonderful idea and that I would hear back. By the end of the day, it was approved and scheduled on the calendar for every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. A professional learning community (P.L.C.) was established and an overall cultural change was eminent.
Some of the standards for best practice that encompass the strategies such as the ones I have presented here needed to begin with an assessment in which the workers had the ability to either demonstrate their skills and/or have an unbiased review of their quality assurance reports. Workers that were receiving exceptional points were not being recognized or given opportunities for growth with cross-training whereas others who were not making the marks were tagged as team leaders. We needed to make decisions on who would be selected, what training materials we would need, assurance they would be made available and, that each and every employee had access and opportunities to take advantage of additional training. We used the assessment and data that was retrieved during each stage of the processes to provide timely feedback and make adjustments to procedures as necessary.
As cited by Mark Nichols (2002), the six best practice principals in educating are individualization, meaningful interactivity, shared experience, flexible and clear course design, learner reflection, and the quality information. Individualization is the adaptability to the learning needs of the individuals. With individualization there needs to be the presence of a leader or someone who can facilitate the goals according to the processes and procedures coupled with the desired outcomes. The role of the group leaders is to determine the needs of the individual or workgroup and then to design different strategies that will lead to the workers into becoming more independent learners through job practice. Meaningful interactivity is providing opportunities for learners to apply what they are learning. Meaningful interactivity is essential because if the workers view the changes as trivial or contrite, they are more likely to disregard the changes and settle back into the old and familiar more comfortable ways. Employees needed to be able to not only apply the processes in order to be interactive but also, to provide and receive timely feedback. Encouragement and support...

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