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This report provides an analysis and evaluation of strategy implementation used by California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and discusses the effectiveness of their strategy through organization design, control systems, people and culture. My research concluded that CPK relies on control systems to undertake a majority of the company’s operational activities and that human resources and organizational culture must support the strategy implemented, which it does in in the case of CPK.

Strategic implementation is a critical factor when making decisions regarding issues that affect the vision, mission, or objectives of an organization. Strategies are often implemented in accordance ...view middle of the document...

Simply put, strategic implementation encompasses all managerial activities that address matters such as management appraisal, motivation of employees, and control of other production processes. These activities are usually related to each other and therefore, CPK’s decision-making process has to take into consideration the other factors.

CPK’s Strategic Implementation
As previously mentioned, CPK’s vision is to create the most recognized brand in the pizza market and produce high quality food products. In order to realize its goals and objectives, the organization has implemented strategic measures that are centered in the expansion of retail operations, increasing sales, and pursuing opportunities that are believed to increase advantage of the CPK brand (Datamonitor Report 2010). Moreover, the CPK brand is improved through the adoption differentiation strategies that aid the company in adding new flavors and products to its menu list. The strategy is also important in enabling the organization to expand its distribution channels in various high scale retail outlets.

Organizational Structure and Design
CPK has since been involved in the expansion of its business activities and retail outlets in different parts of the globe. CPK’s organizational structure lies in the priorities included in its value, mission, vision statements, and organizational culture. This is realized by the success of the organization in expanding additional restaurants across the globe. Accordingly, the global strategy has enabled CPK to generate additional revenue from production activities of different retail outlets. For instance, CPK has managed to open up 265 restaurants in 32 states in the US and 10 other CPK restaurants in foreign countries. CPK’s headquarters in Los Angeles, California is responsible for overseeing all the operational activities of other retail outlets in various locations. In addition, the company operates other restaurants such as CPK/ASAP and HMSHost restaurants through franchise or licensing arrangements (California Pizza Kitchen 2011).
In ensuring the preserving of CPK’s brand reputation, all CPK restaurants are designed in the same exhibition kitchen style characterized by an open flame concept. CPK menu offerings are similar and provide a wide range of choices to all its customers. The organizational design also enables the company to realize its goals and objectives while enabling greater momentum with respect to the expansion strategies in both developed economies (Pryor, Singleton, Taneja and Toobs, 2009).

Key Strategic Control Systems
CPK relies heavily on information technology to run majority of operations in the company as well as meeting the objectives and goals as stipulated in the mission and vision statements. The leveraging of information technology capabilities enables the company to achieve productivity and achieve operational efficiency (Datamonitor Report 2010). For example, point-of-sale systems,...

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