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Strategy Recommendation Pre-Writing
Lutricia Hunter
Capella University

A strategy recommendation is a business plan that is use to make a business more profitable and efficient. A business uses strategy recommendations to create goals and strategies for the company. Strategy recommendations help a business to better understand what a customer wants. The presented assignment I will discuss the strategy recommendation for JcPenney. This assignment will identify the specific business that I will use for the recommendation, the reason why I chose that particular business, and two academic resources from the Capella University’s Library.

A strategy recommendation is a business plan that is use to make a business more profitable and efficient. A business uses strategy recommendations to create goals and strategies for the company. Strategy ...view middle of the document...

Penney called his first store the “Golden Rule”, which was foundation of both his business and philosophy.
Explain Why You Chose This Business
The reason why chose JC Penney is because not only is JC Penney one of the largest retailer but if follows the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. More reasons why I chose JC Penney is because it offers products at an affordable price, the work that it does in the community, and the value that they place on their employees.
Identity of Two Academic Resources from Capella University’s Library, Description, and Explanation
The two academic resources that I will be using for my strategy recommendation project are journals and databases. I will be using the article “JC Penney U.S. Broadlines Retail: When the Going Gets Touch, the Strong Ultimately Thrive”, from the Business Source Complete to focuses on key business and strategic operations of the U.S. based department store JC Penney and the economic impact that it faces. I will use this article to discuss the economic JC Penney faced out the hiring and firing of the CEO and economic crisis it faced. The second article I will use is “JCPenney brand crash: Right idea in the wrong place? Or vice versa?”, to discuss the dismissal of Ron Johnson and the strategies that JC Penney put in place after losing million of dollar. The article discusses information on the new branding strategies adopted by the company JCPenney .
Without a strategy an existing business can drift away from its customers and become uncompetitive within its environment and eventually stops making profit. If businesses use the recommendation that is given by customers or managers their businesses will be very profitable.

JCPenney. (2008). Black Book - U.S. Broadlines Retail: When the Going Gets Tough, the Strong (Ultimately) Thrive, 233-269.
Taylor, D. (2013). JCPenney brand crash: Right idea in the wrong place? Or vice versa?. Central Penn Business Journal, 29(17), 13.

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