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Stress: Causes And Consequences Essay

625 words - 3 pages

Key ideas:
✓ Work environment
✓ Lack of control over job
✓ Arguments with children
✓ Arguments with parents
✓ No personal time or space
✓ Crowded environment
✓ Noise
✓ Pollution of other sorts
✓ Ambitions and aspiration
✓ Financial pressures to maintain lifestyle
✓ Debt worries
✓ Lack of fitness
✓ No time for self
✓ No relaxation time

✓ Demotivated
✓ Hard to concentrate
✓ Communication gets worse
✓ Health begins to suffer
✓ They make mistakes
✓ Decision making is hard
✓ Depression can start to deepen
✓ Productivity and efficiency suffer
✓ Faulty judgements made
✓ Quality of work goes down
✓ Errors increase
✓ Commitment levels go down
✓ Absenteeism increases

✓ seek ...view middle of the document...


There are many causes of stress and we can divide these causes in different areas. For example: work, family, environmental and self lifestyle areas. If a person wishes to achieve a very high objective in his work, but don’t have capability to do it, he probably will get stressed because he wants to achieve a position that he is not able to do so he will need to work much more than normal and probably will not reach his goal. In the same way, if he lives in a noise place and don’t like loud sounds, he is suffering a little bit every day and this probably will get him stressed. If he must change of work’s place constantly, he needs to have a great adaptability otherwise he will live stressed. There are many other examples of situations that can cause stress that can happen in our life but it`s important to know that what can stress me could not stress you. This varies from person to person.
The stress brings many consequences. A person stressed gets nervous and hard to concentrate. He reduces his productivity and efficiency. He could judge his subordinates wrong because it`s difficult to him to concentrate in the task. The relationship with his friends and family gets worse because he is not able to treat them correctly. Sometimes the person stressed needs health care to treat his mind and his body because the stress can provoke different kinds of diseases that reduces the organism immunity.
There are different solutions to stress. First of all we need to discover the cause of it. If we are pushing ourselves more than we are able to handle with we need to reduce our willingness to reach the goals that are more difficult to achieve. If we have problems with our neighbors, we can talk with them about the problems to try to find solutions or we can look for other place to live. Some people like to try some kind of activity to relax as practice yoga or meditation. If we have a medic prescription we will take some medicines to control our anxiety. I think that the most important thing to find a solution is to discover the cause of the stress then we can find one way to reduce what is causing it .

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