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Stress Management A major stressor in my life, as of late, is not knowing if all I have done is going to be enough. In particular, waiting to hear if I got into any of the nursing programs I applied to. Certain questions area constantly on my mind; these are the things that I think about when there is nothing else on my mind. When there is no homework or deadlines to remember and all seems well, the things that I should of or could of done better to heighten my chances of getting in sparks up in my mind. It is something that I must deal with because this is the way I was brought up to think. I’ve always been held up to certain expectations from my parents and if I don’t live up to those ...view middle of the document...

After graduating high school in Gold, I was emerged into this stress-filled place we like to call college. College has definitely been exhausting for me. I received my first B in over 7 years of school. I’ve done, what it feels like as “all-weekenders”. I was studying constantly to make my parents proud. Up until my sophomore year, I was pretty depressed with what I’ve become as a person. I was pretty down on myself a lot of the time because I was so stressed-out. My parents would be calling me all the time to check up and if I didn’t have an achievement to tell them, I would feel as if I let them down. Currently, being a junior in college, I have just submitted my nursing applications, and now I have to wait to hear if all this hard work will pay off. I feel like I’m the most stressed I’ve ever been. I mean all that I have ever done since middle school has been building up to this. The situation with my parents only makes it worst. I’m terrified of the outcome if I shall not get into any nursing programs. One example of this has to tell my mother about having to possibly stay here another semester to finish up the classes that I wasn’t able to get into, her reaction was, “I can’t afford to support you any more.” This was the last conversation we had for 3 and a half months. However, today, my parents are a little bit more understanding when it comes to my schooling. They still have their ways of jabbing me every once in a while with their questions and accusations of how my school life should be. For a while I stopped talking to my parents and

now I have a better relationship with them. Because I also worked a job while in college, I was able to save up enough money to support myself, which is what I am doing now since my parents have decided to cease all funding towards my school until I’m in a nursing program. Since I was not...

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