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Stress, Mental Health and Spirituality
There is no specific definition for mental health, but it is like physical health, not just the absence of illness but also the presence of many positive characteristics, from our text book “your health today” (40). Scientists believe that metal health can somehow affect our thinking, feeling and acting, and it is important to our life because it lasts from our childhood to our adulthood. There are emotional, psychological, cognitive, interpersonal, or spiritual aspects of an individual’s whole life. Therefore, it is a common problem for every shingle person, and everyone has to face it because we have our own issues that probably bring us stress.
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From Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, he agued that such qualities of self-awareness, self-discipline, persistence, and empathy are much more important to success in life than IQ (42). Furthermore, he came up with statements that “people who are emotionally intelligent have an ability to recognize, name, and understand their emotions; manage their emotions and control their moods; motivate themselves; recognize and respond to emotions to emotions in others, and be socially competent.” He also mentioned that emotional intelligence can be gained and improved and those intelligent people can better survive in any social situation.
Personally, I think the main reason why people have mental stress is that the feel stressful and they obviously do not know how to deal with it. So what is stress? Stress is caused by stressor that events or agents in the environment that cause us stress, and stress can be defined as the general state of the body, mind, and emotions when an environmental stressor has triggered the stress response(50). No one can deny that there are plenty of stressors around us, such as life events, college stress, job pressure, burnout, financial worries, and even social issues. Because of those problems, we can easily feel stressful. When we feel stress our body will appear some symptoms. Stress symptoms can affect our body, our thoughts and feelings, and our behavior. Common affects of stress are headache, sleep problem, restlessness, lack of focus, depression, anxiety. As for our behavior, we probably are going to overreact, abuse drugs or alcohol, etc. If we do no manage our stress properly, we high likely have health problems that much more worse than headache kind of things, such as high...

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