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Stroke Case Study

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Stroke Case Study


You are at base when you get dispatched code 4 to 100 Me She Ka St, Christian Island, Ontario for a 75 y/o female patient possible CVA. On arrival you find a frantic husband stating the patient (his wife) was making breakfast when she suddenly collapsed. The symptoms started 10 minutes prior to calling 911. The patient is suffering from left sided paralysis with slurred speech. She lives on Christian Island and needs to take a ferry to get to the nearest hospital. She has a history of atrial fibrillation and TIA’s, and the patient also smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day. She’s on ASA, digoxin, ramipril, metoprolol. She has an ...view middle of the document...

Treatment at the Hospital and the Reintegration to the Community

Once the patient gets transported to the hospital due to a stroke, she will have a vast variety of tests and drugs administered to her to prevent the stroke to continue. First doctors must determine whether her stroke is caused by a blood clot or bleeding in the brain, which is checked by performing a CT scan. If the stroke is in fact caused by a blood clot which in this case it is. The hospital may give the patient tPA (tissue plasminogen activator). This medication will break up the clot that has formed and restore blood flow and oxygen to the affected area. This drug is at most effectiveness when administered within four and one half hours of the onset of the stroke symptoms and only for blood clotting type of strokes called ischemic stroke.

Then the patient will go for more tests to confirm no other damage has occurred to the brain or any other organs in the body. Some of the tests the doctor may choose to perform are blood/urine samples, electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), neurological/physical exam and a Transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) test.

Once Mrs Bellamee is released from the hospital, her husband will have to contact their local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and they will be assigned a stroke rehabilitation team which is a vast variety of medical professionals to help regain as much of her independence as possible, depending on the severity of her stroke. She will also be placed on medications mentioned before or similar ones depending on her tolerance and her bodies’ acceptance of the medications. Her husband and her will be given more education on early recognition of stroke so if it does happen they can deal with the stroke faster to prevent permanent damage (“Let’s talk about stroke”, 2013).

Risk Factors Contributing to a Stroke

There are numerous reasons why this patient received a stroke, some can be controlled and monitored and some can’t be. Here are a few examples of some of the risk factors and why they can occur according to this scenario:
• High blood cholesterol – is a build up of plaque (fat) in the artery walls causing narrowing of arteries (atherosclerosis). This is typically found in obese people and the elderly.
• High blood pressure (hypertension) –It causes damage to the blood vessels walls causing it to promote build up of fatty a plaque which in turn becomes narrow. This would be the number one risk of a stroke as she takes medication to control her high blood pressure.
• Atrial fibrillation – The reason as to why people get atrial fibrillation could be from many reasons like high blood pressure, abnormal heart, and infections in the heart, heart disease, congenital heart failure and excessive use of alcohol. Being diagnosed early is key to prevent it from happening again. This patient has A-Fib medications so this can be a factor as well.

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