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Struggles In Society Essay

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The theme of struggle is predominantly present in the lower class. As they face unemployment, hunger, poverty, lack of social acceptance, lack of educational opportunities, and the fear of never being able to get out of their standings, they still must go through life trying to overcome them. The movie, Modern Times, as well as a couple of articles, all portray this common theme of struggles among the lower class.
Unemployment, poverty, and hunger are just a couple of hard times that people faced in the Great Depression era of the 1930s. Modern Times is a movie starring Charles Chaplin and portrays all of these themes. Chaplin struggled to live in a modern industrial society, while machines ...view middle of the document...

“Class in America―2009” by Gregory Mantsios is an article that demonstrates how class greatly affects a person’s life. In addition to finances playing a part in the social gap between people, race and gender also plays a role in determining what class a person is. Mantsios states on page 189, “Being female and being nonwhite are attributes in our society that increase our chances of poverty and lower-class standing.” Minorities and single woman are more likely to be lower class because of the lacking opportunities for them to achieve. They both have a one in five chance of becoming poor. This is very different from a white male who has a one in twelve chance of becoming poor. This shows that because of race and gender, the opportunities aren’t as abundant and pushes them into the lower class. The struggle of supporting a family is a lot harder for a single woman or a person that is Hispanic or Black.
“Media Magic: Making Class Invisible” is also written by Gregory Mantsios. It is an essay that explains the media’s misleading affect on the average person’s view of the poor and everyone else. The subtitles that reflect some views of the public towards the poor through media coverage are “The Poor Do Not Exist…The Poor Are Faceless…The Poor Are Undeserving…The Poor Are an Eyesore…The Poor Have Only Themselves to Blame…The Poor Are...

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