Student Case Studies Essay

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Case Study Module 2
Lindsey M. Charbonneau
Ashford University

Case studies have been used throughout research for preparing all types of people for numerous types of situations they may come in contact with in the professional world. As educators it is important to stay atop of the latest research so we can be prepared to engulf any situation with care, intelligence, and the optimum outcome for the student. The following case studies show possible outcomes for two separate cases dealing with Raoul, a hard of hearing bilingual sweet third grader, and Joe, a tutored in reading pressured by his community involved parents. Both students need a lot of attention from not only the ...view middle of the document...

Case Study One Star Sheet Response
In an effort to help Raoul achieve the goals set for him, the Start Sheets suggest creating a supportive setting. “Using this strategy means attending to one or more of the following areas: classroom membership, student cultural background, assignment length, assignment structure, assignment grading weight, assistance provided, resource location, classroom seating arrangement, and individualizing the assignment to meet IEP or other guidelines”, (Star Sheet, pg. 15). Raul’s teacher can make adjustments to several of the areas mentioned. They can capitalize on Raul’s positive classroom membership by pairing him up with one of the classmates who can write the teacher’s oral directions and/or lecture notes so that Raul can refer to them if he becomes confused or lost. The teacher can also modify the seating arrangement by placing Raoul in the front of the classroom. This will allow Raoul to hear the teacher better, improve his lip reading skills, and clearly see visual aids. Finally, the teacher can clearly define the assignment structure by providing written directions and examples of the endangered animal facts that are to be included in the science project. “Students need to know what they are to learn, how they are to learn it, how they are to demonstrate what they have learned, and how the quality of their learning will be evaluated”, (Star Sheets, pg. 13). Making sure that assignment directions are clear and precise will help a student like Raoul complete the assignment correctly.
Case Study One Class Text Response
Beyond Behavior Modification:
The most important piece in order for Raoul to find success is for the teacher to describe the behavior that Raoul is exhibiting. The teacher wants Raoul to increase his ability to gather information orally in whole class settings.
The teacher needs to pinpoint the behavior.
"Describing behavior precisely is referred to as pinpointing" P. 56
The teacher must also decide if this behavior is maladaptive.
"Maladaptive behavior may be defined as any behavior that interferes with the physical, emotional, social, or academic well-being of a student or any other person." p. 59-60
"When dealing with students from diverse cultures, it is not enough to decide a particular behavior is maladaptive in a given student simply by asking whether or not it interferes with his physical, emotional, social, or academic well-being." P.60
The teacher will also need to target the behavior.
Case Study One Dr. Mac Style Response
This case is a great case for approaching with a behaviorist’s frame of mind. Raoul needs reinforcement for his disability but also needs set goals to help him work through the disability and have better behavior in class. Dr. Mac’s article titled, Nice Ways to Gain Compliance & Help Kids Develop Self-Management of Their Behavior, is a perfect resource for assisting Raoul. Raoul needs more compliance in the classroom but due to that...

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