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The Treaty of Paris (1783) was one of a series of treaties; collectively known as the Peace of Paris, or the Treaty of Versailles of 1783, that established peace between Great Britain and the allied nations of France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Negotiated as a separate treaty between Great Britain and the United States, the primary provisions of the Treaty of Paris established the independence of the United States and ended hostilities between the two nations. Other provisions dealt with the defining of borders, restitution for Loyalist property confiscated by Americans during the war, the return of slaves confiscated by the British, and the removal of British troops from American soil.
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The Americans did not honor the section about not confiscating loyalist property. The British did not return former American slaves and they also did not remove their troops from frontier forts on the United States side of the border until after the Jay Treaty.
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The Treaty of Paris 1783

Short after the battle of Yorktown in 1781, talks of peace began to linger in the English Parliament and in the Continental Congress. Although, back in those days Parliament was infamous for being unstable, and most of the time it depended on the House of Commons and the good favor or the King. When the news of the defeat at Yorktown reached England, the parliamentary opposition succeeded in overthrowing the embattled government led by Lord North. Unfortunately the new government led by the Marquess of Rockingham, Charles Watson-Wentworth, wasn’t any more unstable then the previous one. When he died in 1782 he was succeeded by William Petty Fitzmaurice, Earl of Shelburne. Shelburne’s government wanted to seek peace, but attempted and hoped to avoid recognizing U.S. independence. Unfortunately the war had been very costly, both to morale and to England’s economy, and they now faced a formidable alliance of the French, Spanish, Dutch and the rebellious colonists. In the mean time, while the British were plotting to destroy the alliance, and do everything in their power to end the war and prevent the colonies from being independent. The Anglo American negotiations had been stalled, due to the internal conflicts the British government and their refusal to recognize U.S. independence. The British had entered negotiations with France for a separate peace with France and its allies. Even though they failed with the Dutch, Americans were open to separate negotiations, due to the fact that it could easier lead to being recognized as an independent nation. In October and November of 1782, final stages of the negotiations had begun. The United States had secured its western bored that went all the way to the Mississippi river with the rights of navigation (which the Spanish government later objected to and prevent), Newfoundland fishing rights, and most of all acknowledgement of

Treaty of Paris 1783
Treaty of genus Paris 1783 throughout history man has been faveolate against his fellow man in the race...

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