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Student Roles And Responsibilities For The Masters Of Counseling

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Marriage, Family and Child Therapy SpecialtyThe student roles and responsibilities of the Masters of Counseling in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy (MCMFCT) at the University of Phoenix are to advance competent and ethical practitioners in family, couple and individual therapy in a variety of settings. By following the program's defined curriculum for professional role development, the successful graduate will be able to provide counseling services 'in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards' (Master of Counseling - Program Handbook, p. 7).To achieve this end, the student must adopt and synthesize the professional and ethical standards of the program into his own academic and personal development. He must develop and demonstrate a broad base of theoretical knowledge and therapeutic skills combined ...view middle of the document...

In addition to the above criteria, the student must demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills, group participation, interpersonal skills, analysis and problem solving skills, counseling skills, and professional development specific to the program objectives. These areas are addressed and evaluated in three portfolio review courses, each of which is pass/fail. The student's leadership, interpersonal skills, self-direction, self-awareness and personal growth should reflect the program's philosophical and ethical principles to ensure his development as a competent professional. (University of Phoenix Handbook, 1996).Ethical standards and the responsibility of protecting the rights of clients must follow the AAMFT Code of Ethics and be reflected in the student's own actions and belief system. (University of Phoenix Handbook, 1995). Students are to maintain client confidentiality, and understand that clinical data should only be used to aid in the learning process. Students must develop and maintain appropriate confidentiality in creating, storing, and disposing of records as well as in written or communicated information to others (HCS500, Ethical Standards, 1988).SummaryThe U of P MCMFCT roles and responsibilities are to promote excellence in ethical standards and professional development within the MCMFCT graduate. They are trained in providing couple family and individual assessment and counseling with diverse populations. They are trained in family systems, consultation, research and intervention services to advance profession of the marriage, family and child therapy specialty.ReferencesPublication manual of the American Psychological Association (4th ed.). (1995). Washington, DC. American Psychological Association.HCS 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies (1996) Ethical Standards(1988, March) [pp. 1-4].University of Phoenix (1995). Program handbook. Master of Counseling: UMBX, p. 2-38.

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