Students And Sex Essay

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Students and Sex
As time passes, it seems as if the teenage pregnancy rate gets higher and higher, instead of decreasing. Some people inculpate it on how parents edified their teens when they were children. Others claim that the pregnancy rate is on the up because of the sex education curriculum that schools teach today. These parents feel that schools are sending the wrong message to their children. They feel that schools are teaching students that it is okay to have sex as long as it is protected sex. Some of the parents who are opposed to the current curriculum say that if there was a new curriculum that was based on the concept of abstinence and the cost of being pregnant, the teenage ...view middle of the document...

Teenagers may be old enough to make their own decisions, but they still look up to the adults in their lives. Many adults did not wait to have sex. As role models, adults should be able to talk comfortably with students about sex. This may help decrease the pregnancy rate because then, the adults are able to explain their own mistakes. It may also help the teenagers understand why it is so important to wait. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are also growing exponentially. This is because there is no end to the diseases; they transfer from person to person. These diseases can lead to infections inside of the body, or even death. Even though the sex education curriculum needs to be more about abstinence, it is still good that it teaches students about safe sex, because it enforces the idea of having protection while having sex. There will never be a stop to Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but by teaching students how to use condoms correctly, it may reduce the growing rate of STDs. During the year of 2003, in the high schools of Massachusetts, students took a survey about condom availability. It concluded that “Several evaluations have shown that adolescents in schools with and without programs are equally likely to become sexual active, and in 2 of 3 studies, sexually active youths were more likely to report having used condoms during their most recent sexual encounter" (Blake et al. 955). Condom availability in schools is a great idea to set forth. It may be awkward for teachers and administrators to pass out condoms to students, but at least sexually active students will have access to condoms while they are in school.
Bringing a child into the world can be difficult emotionally, physically, and economically. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's web site, The Importance of Prevention, (quoted in McKee, Ragsdale, Southward 99) states that “teen pregnancy and childbearing bring substantial social and economic costs through immediate and long-term impacts on teen parents and their children.” If a teen gives birth before they reach adulthood, their life may not be the same again. They may have trouble with past relationships, and new ones too. People may view these teenagers in a different perspective than a normal teenager. Some persons in society may consider the teen as a twisted person, and may not want to have anything to do with them. In today’s time, teens pick and tease with each other about previous mistakes that they have made, which does not make anything better. By having to deal with peer pressure, teenagers who become pregnant may have to deal with low self-esteem, the decision of having an abortion, or giving the infant up for adoption. In order to take care of their children, some students drop out of school because they cannot afford to balance the heavy tasks of being a student, and a parent. If the sex education curriculum included the costs of becoming a parent at an early age, it would make students realize how...

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