Students’ Attending Classes In Chinese Language And Literature

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Topic-Students’ attending classes in Chinese language and literature

As a part of traditional Chinese culture, Chinese language and literature are important and the representatives of Chinese culture. Nowadays, some universities in China have made it compulsory for all students to attend classes in Chinese language and literature in order to improve their Chinese level. Advocators think it can improve the level of how Chinese use their “mother tongue”. And it will help people’s life. Conversely, rivals believe that students should learn Chinese in a more lively way and university students are mature enough to learn Chinese in daily life. In brief, this action both has advantages and disadvantages and brings out different opinions.
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People in modern society are all busy with work or study and do not have enough spare time to learn traditional Chinese and philosophy carefully.
Furthermore, most of Internet slang and pop culture have brought too much freedom in Chinese language. As a result, attending classes in Chinese is a good way for people to get traditional Chinese wisdom so as to improve their life in the modern world.
On the other hand, opponents think that students should learn their “mother tongue” in a more lively way. In their opinion, attending Chinese classes is dull and rigid form which will make students feel bored. What is more, Chinese should be learnt in an interesting way. For example, they can join the Chinese language corners, in which they may learn Chinese by speaking and sing competitions. In addition, in daily life, living languages are borrowed constantly from one to another, which keeps them relevant and vital, and it would be more effective for students to learn Chinese language.
In addition, the opposition also find that university students are mature enough and open-minded which make them be able to learn Chinese language in daily life. Nowadays, Chinese language and culture are already parts of students’ everyday life as they communicate, watch TV and read Chinese books all the time, so they can learn Chinese from their life. Moreover, they are all adults and have the ability to tell the positive and negative content. So it is unnecessary for teens to attend classes in Chinese language.
In summary, attending Chinese classes both have advantages and disadvantages. Advocators think it may improve students’ language level and better their life while rivals believe students should learn Chinese language in a more lively way, even they can learn it in daily life. To settle the problem, schools may make the classes not compulsory so that university students can choose a better way to learn Chinese according to what they need, and learn Chinese in a proper way.

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