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Studies Pertaining To The Clinical Aspects Of Malaria

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Malaria is a complex condition exhibiting different manifestations in different parts of the world depending on a few variables (Bin Mohanna et al. 2007). It was found that anemia and splenomegaly are significantly associated with malaria among asymptomatic schoolchildren in Hajr valley, Hadramout (Bin Mohanna et al. 2007). Agina and Abd-Allah (1999) conducted a case control study for the association of nitric oxide levels to the severity and outcomes of cerebral malaria in Yemeni in-patients. The main clinical presentations in cerebral malaria patients were fever (76.4%), pallor (72.0%), hypoglycemia (67.4%), splenomegaly (60.5%), ...view middle of the document...

However, gender, alanine aminotransferase level, degree of fever, plasma sodium or potassium levels were not found to be statistically different between these two groups (Sheiban et al. 1998). The author found that previous immunity, as indicated by presence of splenomegaly, was associated with better prognosis both in terms of lower mortality and less hemodynamic disturbance which was evident in the older children owing to previous exposure to malarial infection, and therefore development of immunity (Sheiban et al. 1998). It is important to note that malaria was reported to be the cause of 5.9% of chronic renal failure in patients undergoing regular hemodialysis in Hadramout governorate (Badheeb 1998). Recently, Al Rohani et al. (2011) reported that malaria is the most common infectious disease causing acute renal failure (ARF) in Yemeni patients. It was found that falciparum malaria was responsible for 29.0% of ARF with dialysis being necessary for almost 50% of them. Heavy parasitemia was associated with different clinical features, including black water fever, cerebral involvement, cholestatic jaundice, noncardiogenic pulmonary edema, shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation (Al Rohani et al. 2011). Multiorgan failure was a serious problem in patients with oligoanuric malarial ARF with hepatic injury, cerebral encephalopathy and hypotension or irreversible shock, and death was recorded in 15% of patients in this group (Al Rohani et al. 2011). Early diagnosis, proper selection of antimalarial drugs and dialysis, if needed, were associated with good survival rate and good recovery of renal function (Al Rohani et al. 2011). The results of the latter study were similar to other studies that reported malaria as a major cause of ARF (Abdul Manan et al. 2006; Kaballo, 2007).
Al Serouri et al. (2000) studied the impact of asymptomatic malaria parasitemia on cognitive function and school achievement of Yemeni schoolchildren in a case control study, and then in a natural experiment based on a battery of cognitive tests. Asymptomatic children showed decreased performance in both fine motor skills and picture memory tests. Two weeks later, there was no difference in cognitive test scores between those who became nonparasitemic and those who remained parasitemic in spite of...

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