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Study Material Essay

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Lovely message for a lovely person for a lovely reason at a lovely time from a lovely mind in a lovely mood in a lovely style…, now give and send me a lovely smile.

A sardar was climbing on tree. He saw a snake hanging on the tree. He told to the snake ‘ sirf latakne se height nahi badhegi… mummy ko bolo complan pilaye…

Utre jo zindagi ki gehraiyon mein hum…
Mehfil mein rehkar bhi rahe tanhaiyon mein hum…
Diwangee nahi toh aur kya kahe…
Insaan dhundte rahe parchaiyon mein hum…!

Simple music can make you sing,
Simple hug can make you feel better,
Simple things can make you happy,
Hope my simple ‘Hi’… will make u smile…!

It is said that when you laugh You are praying to God…
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Life is a collection of changes. So don’t avoid changes. Take every change as a challenge. Some give success and some act as the stepping stone to success.

The words that escape a friend’s mouth are: I’ll be there when you say you need me… but the words that are unheard from a true friend’s heart are: I’ll be there whether you say you need me or not.

The soul you love may not understand you…but, The soul which loves you does not know anything other than you…!

Care & Affection is not a business where you give when you get…
It’s a beautiful feeling for someone where you love to give even if you don’t get…!

Don’t misunderstand the person who shows anger on you… because anger is the most easiest and childish way to express the deep love in the relationship…!

Time moves on and later we regret for things not done, for words not said, for love not shown…,
Life is too short, do what makes you happy today…

As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight, no matter how tough the world may seem, you still deserve the…Sweetest Dream.

‘Hard Fact’- people say never expect anything in return from anyone, but the truth is when we really like someone, we naturally expect a little Care from them.

Prayer of an ideal daughter- Dear God,...

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