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Study On Globalization Essay

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NIC Europe Group Driver Paper Budapest, April 28 - 30. 2004.

Globalisation or Regionalisation?

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Discussion paper -- does not represent the views of the US Government

NIC Europe Group Driver Paper Budapest, April 28 - 30. 2004.

Globalisation or Regionalisation?
Globalization—Which forces will predominate in 2020—regionalization or globalization and will focusing on one lead to neglect of the other? What will be Europe’s position in the world in 2020 and how will ...view middle of the document...

Our currently malfunctioning two-level models will then make sense. I will also argue that Europe has a chance of being a key actor in the emergence of the global socio-economic system. Europe has this ability thanks to its high human capital stock, its history of overcoming intercultural tensions, and its environment-friendly attitude. Whether, however, Europe will be able to live up to this opportunity depends on its ability to solve its current structural problems, to create a truly European identity, and to build efficient supra-national, European-level policy-making institutions. Europe’s failure or success in achieving its global potential will determine how Europeans view the globalisation process.

Discussion paper -- does not represent the views of the US Government 1

Discussion paper -- does not represent the views of the US Government 1. Regionalisation or Globalisation? The question is wrong, at least for now Statement 1.1. There is a continuity of hierarchical levels in the socio-economic systems in which we live. The beginning of the 21st century is marked by several parallel integration processes among the socio-economic systems of the world. The internet is becoming a geographically global system, despite being out of reach for the majority of the world’s population. The international trade system reaches almost everybody, although the average length of each link in this case is much shorter than that of the internet. The activities of national economies in some parts of the world have become increasingly regional, such as in the case of Europe, East Asia, or North America, while the Third World countries in Africa and South America are increasingly dependent on other regions without much success of intra-regional integration, despite occasional efforts. This economic regionalisation is accompanied by social and cultural ones: migration patterns in the Big Regions serve as ready evidence for that. In short, geographically there are many levels of organisation present. Similarly, we find many different organisational levels when we look at the different sectors of the economy. Financial markets are arguably global, providing that we do not count those parts of the world where they do not exist. Capital flows are also global; the decline of the home-bias phenomenon (whereby people are more likely to invest in their home countries, despite there being superior investment opportunities in other parts of the world) is the best example. Energy flows and energy resources are also on a global level. Yet some other sectors of the economy operate on a lower level of organisation. With the exception of indulgences in exotic fruits and vegetables from the other end of the world, agricultural products are still on a local level, owing to the nature of the sector’s technology as well as the continuing protectionist stance of the developed world. Manufacturing in its turn shows more a pattern matching the Big Regions than a truly global...

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