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Study Review

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Exam #3 Pediatric Review Questions

1. Spastic cerebral palsy is characterized by what?
2. Are there any drugs that can decrease spasticity in a child? How would you respond to a parent asking this question?
3. What is a myelomeningocele?
4. Which problem is often associated with a myelomeningocele?
5. What is the most common problem of a child born with a myelomeningocele?
6. What is a recommendation to prevent neural tube defect?
7. How much folic acid is recommended for women of childbearing age?
8. What position do you place a neonate in to feed that has had a myelomeningocele repair?
9. What advice about the diet would you give a parent who has a child with a latex allergy?
10. What are appropriate nursing interventions for a child with latex allergies?
11. What are the clinical manifestations of a child with spinal muscular atrophy (Werdnig-Hoffman disease)?
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What would you do for a child who has injured there ankle at school? You are the school nurse and you have called the parent already.
19. What is a simple fracture?
20. What is the advantage of using a fiberglass cast instead of a plaster cast?
21. What instructions do you give a parent of a child that has just had a cast applied for a fractured arm with the wrist and elbow immobilized?
22. What are signs of an infection if a child is wearing a cast?
23. Why does a nurse use the palms of her hands when handling a wet cast?
24. What can the nurse do once a cast has been removed and the skin surface is caked with desquamated skin and sebaceous secretions?
25. Which type of traction used skin traction on the lower leg and a padded sling under the knee?
26. A patient wearing a cast has no pulse palpated in the extremity and the extremity is pale. What would you do?
27. An appropriate nursing intervention when caring for a child in traction is to do what nursing intervention(s)?
28. What should be included in the teaching to a parent with a child wearing a Pavlik harness to treat developmental dysplasia of the hip?
29. How is mild clubfeet corrected?
30. What is kyphosis? Lordosis? Scoliosis?
31. When does idiopathic scoliosis become noticeable?
32. How is osteomyelitis treated?
33. Where are the primary tumor sites for osteosarcoma?
34. What is the therapeutic management of osteosarcoma?
35. How do you answer questions for an adolescent who is scheduled for a leg amputation?
36. Which medication is used first for a child diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis?
37. Select all that apply: what are the clinical manifestations of an infant with developmental dysplasia of the hip?
There are two chapters on Exam 3 to be covered. You will have approximately 38 questions on this last test. Bring your textbook and slides to class. Also answer the questions prior to the exam and you should be successful.
It’s been really nice having you ladies in my class. Thank you very much!!! God Bless you in your endeavors!!!
Professor Twanna Dozier MSN BSN RN

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