Studying The Scientific Method Essay

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Studying the Scientific Method

Science is a system of knowledge which we derive from observation. Science can be divided into two distinct fields One of these is Social Science, which can be described as the study of the social life of human beings. Social Sciences, such as economics, law, criminology, and psychology consider the nature, growth, and functioning of human society. While Social Sciences are focused on human interaction, the other major field, Natural Sciences, studies the environment that humans live in. It does this by developing and testing laws of mass, motion, energy, etc. Even though the two fields are different, they both use the same system to collect information and ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the same test should be repeated multiple times in order to make sure that the result can be trusted. The final step is to summarize the findings of the experiment. In this step, the hypothesis is either confirmed or it is changed and more testing is done. Therefore, it is possible that the summary of the results may be contradictory to the original hypothesis. A hypothesis that is proven by many experiments may eventually become a theory. A theory is an explanation for an event that is widely excepted as being true.
Sometimes we do not get a reasonable result from the experiment, but it doesn’t mean that the hypothesis is wrong. It may be that there is another factor that you forgot to control. At this point, this hypothesis cannot be accepted as a theory. Maybe several years later someone can get a reasonable result using a better experimental design. Another case that can happen is when you get a reasonable result but you can’t explain how. In this situation, at a later date someone may be able to use new technology to explain your findings. For example, many elements in the periodic table were known to exist before an experiment could prove it.
Because we cannot collect data from everyone on earth, all Social Science theories are made from sample populations. So they may not be true for everyone. This is a way that Social Science is different than natural science. Natural Science theories are based on specific things, but these things are always the same in the universe.
Two examples will further show how Natural Science and Social Science are similar and different. DESCRIBE TWO EXPERIMENTS
-Natural Science
Eureka Physics about determine the volume of an object. Archimedes started his theory from his observations. He saw...

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