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Stuff About The Bomb Essay

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The Most Difficult Decision Ever

President Truman stood in the oval office full of many advisors, but was truly alone ready to make the hardest decision, which would change the world forever. Is dropping the bomb the right decision for the president to make?
Dropping the bomb wasn't the right decision to make, because many people lost their lives and it wasn't right to make that move. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and on December 8, 1941 the president of the United States asked the congress to declare war on Japan. That’s what made the United States enter the war. When they attacked at that day, the Japanese destroyed 5 battle ships and another 19 ships. The United States kept fighting with Japan until 1945 and many Americans lost their lives while fighting for the different islands. The military leaders in America knew that this fighting ...view middle of the document...

They told him that it would be better if he uses it on the Japanese main land and shock them with it.
      Second, Truman was thinking about the people from U.S. and how they losing their lives. Also how people in the United States were feeling about losing those people. So he had to make the decision about ending the war and stop killing and how to do that in a way that could stop the Japanese from fighting again. He didn't want to use the bomb as a military weapon.
     In addition, after dropping the bomb there were many consequences that he had to think about. People were one of these consequences; Stimson knew the problems people could have after dropping the bomb. All the concerns were very important to think about but Truman had to decide about the best way to end the war. All thought it wasn't the best for the people because it means many dead and whole destroyed areas. Truman was thinking about the best way to end the war with less American lives. If he waited to make Japan surrender it would be a long time and many will still be loss. He thought that the Japanese were ready to fight any time and it didn't matter to them how many people they lost or they will lose.
The United States would asked the Soviets help, but the president and other leaders thought of that wouldn't be the right idea because the Soviets would take advantage in the postwar negotiations about the new government rules in Eastern Europe. Using the Bomb was a good idea to end the war and save many peoples lives especially Americas. Truman and his leaders didn't think about the people in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Even though after testing the bomb at a remote desert sit near Alamogordo, New Mexico, he knew how much the bomb could affect people and the consequences for using it, but they still used it on August 6, 1945 over Hiroshima. What they got right was saving the Americans lives but lots of Japanese lives were loss. Even afterward people were still dying from the bomb radiation and many died from leukemia and thyroid cancer.

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