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Styles and InfluenceBeing part of a customer service based organization, there are always the questions: "How do we get better?" and "How do we market to our customers?"The United States gathers census data every 10 years and it is call "The Decennial Census". The goal is to collect information about the people and housing of the United States. The main purpose of the census is to provide a basis for congressional districting. The federal government uses census data for many purposes while businesses and many others also use census data. Businesses also may use the data to decide where to locate an outlet, or to select products for a specific area. (Sevetson, p1)Census information is ...view middle of the document...

Some other card company would beat them to it. By using the information gathered and the demographic data from the census, Fleet knew where to focus the market share for its products. They also knew that some products needed to be changed or added in order to useful in different markets.Another finding that Fleet made after analyzing the results from the SWOT analysis, Fleet realized in order to compete and market in a diverse society, that its employee base needed to also be more diverse. Fleet has always been focused on having a diverse organization, but now there was a sense of urgency to provide more focus on its diversity and train the employees on the value of having that diverse organization.By understanding the needs of their diverse employees, they can greater understand the needs of the diverse markets that make up Fleet's footprint.The next question was to answer, how do we become a diverse organization. Fleet came up with the vision that it will "create an open, communicative, and inclusive work environment that recognizes the value of the diversity of its people and their differences. The commitment to diversity will be fundamental to the relationships to and among its employees. It will also be reflected in its relationships with its clients, peers, suppliers, and the communities it serves."After reviewing the 2000 census data, Fleet was able to calculate that Hispanics now represent the largest, and fastest growing, ethnic group in the U.S. Comprising more than 13 percent of Fleet's footprint population; almost 4.5 million people.. To date, the Hispanic market, the fastest growing ethnic market, has been the focus of Fleet's efforts. After gathering all the necessary data, Fleet used a PMI method of weighing the pros and cons of increasing their market in the Hispanic communities and they also used a PMI method to decide what products would be most valuable to be marketable in the communities.Putting that information to use, Fleet now offers eight Spanish/English brochures dealing with financial education and Fleet's most popular products and services. Fleet's ACCESO VISA Platinum card is tailored to the Hispanic market with bilingual phone, web, and mail capabilities. Strengthening the Spanish-language infrastructure has been a top priority. Fleet's checking account ID requirements have also been expanded, allowing the use of Puerto Rican driver's licenses and Mexican consular cards. Last summer Fleet launched a comprehensive media plan in the metro New York/New Jersey area, the second largest Hispanic market in...

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