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For those who haven’t suffered from a chemical dependency or aren’t known as a substance abuser, one might think that the disease is brought on by only one person, the user. That is a quick judgment and is accurate, but there is more to the disease than simply being a “user”. Addiction is a disease that is passed along through genetics and effects generation after generation. It not only effects the abuser, but effects the family members and friends surrounding that person. Unless there is a person in the family tree to break the vicious cycle of addiction, the ailment continues to win. According to "National ...view middle of the document...

The ease of access to prescription drugs, street drugs, alcohol and other substances is one of the problems that faces this group. An additional problem that this group faces is discrimination. Discrimination is not because there aren’t resources available, but because people associate “substance abuse” with a person being worthless, bringing their ailment on themselves and not wanting help. That stigma can push a person to use more, and fall further into their addiction. Substance abusers, or addicts, are also associated as criminals, or become criminals, who may end up in jail. Landing in jail will keep a person away from drugs, hopefully, but when released from jail, they are thrown back into society and given access to drugs and alcohol.
As a human services professional, there are many hats one will wear. They will be shoulder to lean on, an ear to lend, a counselor, a teacher, an advocate, a resource. When an addict is in need of something, a human services professional can be the one to provide. An example of a service that could be provided could be arranging for a spot in a shelter for a night, than setting up admittance to a rehab facility. Following up with this client at the shelter than meeting and escorting them to...

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