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Succeeding Through Learning Styles Essay

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Succeeding Through Learning Styles
As people age through life, discovering a preferred way of learning makes them successful. Another way to look at this is to learn and study the learning styles that can benefit the individual. There are three main learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. A kinesthetic learner is a person who usually works and learns hands-on. The visual learner learns with their eyes and through visual instruction. Auditory learners are those that prefer working and learning by using their listening skills. These three styles are widely known, because many people can relate to or categorize themselves as either a kinesthetic, visual, or auditory learner.
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Before a person can learn how to walk or talk, they depend on what they see to learn. Sight is one of the strongest senses of the human body, so acknowledging that there is a learning style for this is not surprising. Visual learners, according to journalist Grace Fleming, are those “…who learn through seeing things… good at spelling but forgets names… dreams in color…” This kind of learner is a person who makes visual outlines for most of their work. A visual learner feels the urge to use photography, video and art to help gain knowledge on a subject. Conner (2004) notes a challenge that a visual learner faces such as a “Telephone conversation might be difficult because you’re so accustomed to getting visual cues from people while they talk” (pg. 39). Visual learners are the artist, photographers, and movie directors. They are the people responsible for making this world a brighter one full of images and marvelous colors.
A person that likes to speak out loud, or even finds enjoyment in listening, can be categorized as an auditory learner. This learner has great hearing and can make images just by listening. Hearing for them is like an extra pair of eyes. Tannahill K. (2009) explains this learning style in detail:
An auditory learner is an individual who has the ability to retain and learn new information through the process of listening and discussing. These individuals do not necessarily take notes in the classroom but prefer to engage in discussion about a topic and enjoy asking questions as part of the learning process. (para.1)
According to Conner (2004), there is more than one type of auditory...

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