Success In A Recession Essay

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Keys to Success
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Most experts say that is a big part of success to most people. When you can get paid for doing something you love doing, and are good at doing. I want to encourage you to find your Niche and lets become successful.
Success inspite of Recession
Capitalize even in the middle of a Recession
The definition of the word "Crisis" is Excessive Trouble, a Problem too Big for you to Handle alone. But it is also said that same word "Crisis" in Japanese means "Opportunity".
I thought it was fitting that in the middle of this Recession that some call a "Crisis", People are in a situation "Too Big for Them to Handle", and at the same time People see it as an "Opportunity" to make money and even become rich. Most of our inventions were created in the middle of Recessions and the Great Depression. That is what makes Capitalism so great when you have the opportunity to be Creative and do something you are good at or Passionate about and make money on top of that, it is amazing. Michael Jordan became rich doing something he loved doing, Tiger Woods is rich doing something he loves. Whether its sports, writing, talking, etc... you get the picture, you can earn money and yes, even become rich. Ask yourself, "What do you like to do? What are you good at doing? We live in the age of technology and there are so many ways to market your Niche. Even if you don't understand technology, once people see your niche and if they like it, they will find a way to market it. Are you good at writing? Write a book and have it published, or even write a blog and make money using Squidoo. Are you good at taking pictures? Start a Scrapbook or there are companies out there that will pay you for taking pictures. If you have the "Gift of Gab" maybe you can be a Disk Jockey or a motivational speaker. Most successful people started off doing something they liked doing and they went on to develop that passion and are successful.

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