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Emily Dickinson's lyrical poem, Success is counted sweetest, was written in 1859 and was named that because it was the first line of the poem, which was written without a title, it doesn’t refer to the civil war because it happens 2 years after this was written. Success is counted sweetest was written in iambic trimiter with the exception of the fifth line, which is in iambic tetrameter, and also the first and third lines, which have an extra syllable at the end. The rhyme scheme of the poem is abcb, and it has heavy use of alliteration with succeed, sweetest, and succeed in the first stanza and distant, strains, and burst in the third which use the s sound, succeed, counted, succeed, comprehend, nectar, and requires in the first stanza and can, clear, and victory in the second stanza which all use the k sound, took today and tell in the second stanza and distant, strain, triumph and burst in the third which all use ...view middle of the document...

Emily Dickinson's wording and the tone of the poem demonstrate the theme that failures appreciate success more than anyone else.
The second stanza begins like this, “Not one of all the purple Host / Who took the Flag today / Can tell the definition / So clear of Victory,” which shows failures understand the meaning of success more than anyone else since it again literally states it by saying not one of the [victors] who won the battle can tell the clear definition of Victory and that is emphasized with her use of war as a setting because it's a win or lose scenario and because of her emphasizing of the word victory by capitalizing the V. Following the emphasizing of victory and the use of setting, this supports her theme of failures appreciate success the most.
The third stanza starts like this, “ As he defeated—dying-- / On whose forbidden ear / The distant strains of triumph / Burst agonized and clear!,” and that mean that as he was defeated, dying, his ear heard the triumph of his enemies burst loud and agonizingly clear, and that shows the theme with Emily Dickinson's use of mood because it takes a fleetingly out of grasp tone, and her use of the word forbidden because it implies that the man is not allowed to hear it but he desperately wants to be in the center of it. Knowing the poems tone and her wordage the poem completely supports the theme of failures know success the best.
Therefore because of Emily's use of tone, word, placing of words, and emphasizing in the first, second, and third stanzas it shows that the theme of Emily Dickinson's “Success is counted sweetest,” is that failures understand the meaning of success more than anyone else.

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