Success With Learning Teams Essay

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Success with Learning Teams

The University of Phoenix uses a learning team style approach toward learning in its academia. Research shows converting from a teacher-oriented program to a student-centered learning structure provides students with a greater sense of their own performance, increases independence in learning, and enhances lifelong learning (McGrath-Champ, 1996). This method will test a group’s ability to work as a team to accomplish its goals.
Working in teams always present drawbacks. Relying on other people to do a designated task within a given period can be a big stress for some. Participation and communication are also important things to consider. The ability to ...view middle of the document...

I believe communication can be improved and remain solid if we make sure all e-mail and forum posts are responded to in a timely manner, any delay in project work is updated to the group as soon as possible and clarity of roles is understood between all members. This information is stated clearly in the team charter.
The second test we took from the Prentice-Hall Self Assessment (2009) was How Good Are My Listening Skills? Results indicate room for improvement in our listening skills as our scores were between 37 and 50 out of a high of 75. Communication will play an important role for listening skills as well. We have outlined the importance of responding to e-mails and forum postings from a communication aspect but response to these forms of communication demonstrates active listening which is extremely important to group success.
A third test we took was a personality test, What’s My Jungian 16-Type Personality (2009)? This gives insight into people’s strengths and character. Mine for...

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