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Sugar And Slavery Cane Essay

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Justin Knox
A Block: Slavery
Slaves As a Commodity

The Transatlantic Slave Trade opened a global marketing system when Portugal had an importing business. The “product” of this industry was slaves from West Africa. This business did extremely well since North America, also known as the “New World”, had an unreliable work force. Before Africans were used, Europeans relied on indentured servants. They would have a sentence of about four years work with no pay after that time they had to be freed and paid to work. Other people were used as slaves such as Native Americans and Caucasians but they were killed by diseases that foreigners carried which their immune system ...view middle of the document...

Depleting Africa of its culture and resources and enriching the New World.
The first recorded New England slave ship sailed from Boston, Massachusetts in 1644. From Boston, the ships would sail to the West Africa coast, and then to different states across North America, and the Caribbean. By the 1670’s, Massachusetts’s traders were distributing slaves between the Caribbean and North America (“New England”2). The slave trade was clearly a global business because it linked them to all corners of the world,
The economy grew with this number of slaves circulating around the globe. The Transatlantic Slave Trade included other trade relationship such as salted cod to Barbados for sugar cane. Traders would go to Virginia for tobacco and would transport the sugar and tobacco to England for English clothes, guns, and cash. Then the New World traders would take the guns and clothes and give them to African chiefs for children, men and woman. Around the 1700’s New World settlers would reach Africa and buy adult Africans for 110- 130 gallons of rum (West). Eventually the slave trade became a crucial part of the economics in Rhode Island because it had many ports. The trade made some people wealthy and also made a numerous amount of jobs for others. For example, more dock loaders were needed to import slaves and other trades like sugar, clothes and other items. Sugar became a huge economic booster when it reached the New World (West). European and other settlers brought methods of harvesting and growing sugar cane, which helped grow crops. After the sugar crystals could not be refined anymore it became molasses that was also used for trade. Slaves would plant about 7,000 pieces to produce one acre of sugar cane. This shows that the slaves were used to harvest crops and that many people were employed on the backs of the slaves in related industries.
Africans were seen as less than people and more like another species that was made to serve for free. One of the first traders to record how Africans were treated like was Captain Caleb Godfrey who was a major part of the voyages from Newport to West Africa (New England). Captain Godfrey wrote letters from every destination he reached during the voyage. His first letter was from Newport November 8th 1755 before his departure. In the letter he wrote to his employers of voyage the Vernon’s stating his schedule and how many slaves he planned to bring back. In the last letter of this voyage he was in Sierra Leone April 8th 1756 reporting to the Vernon’s that he had eighty slaves and he was to set off for his final destination (Charles Town,...

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