Suggest How The Tools Of Marketing Could Be Used To Promote An Institution Of Higher Education

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Suggest how the tools of marketing could be used to promote an institution of higher education

Nowadays, marketing plays an important role in many aspects of life. It can be defined as a management process in which goods and services can be provided very well to reach customer needs and satisfaction. How to attract people’s attention, arouse their interest, activate their desire and motivate them to take action also included in marketing. Therefore, one strategy that can be very useful to satisfy customer needs more easily and lead to the company’s success is marketing tools. There are many tools of marketing such as marketing communication and marketing strategies, provided ...view middle of the document...

So this essay will suggest how the tools of marketing can be used to promote an institution of higher education.

First of all, when marketing is being considered, there are many points that have to be focused on. For example, market analysis has to be done to make sure that who will exactly be the target audiences as it refers to students in this case. Then, the market research is needed to meet the demand because after getting the target audiences, their lifestyles and needs have to be considered such as their personality, what they are like and dislike and where do they normally go. The next process is analyzing the competitors that have the same level as an institution in the same area or provide the same course and criticize their strengths and weaknesses to know how to beat them. So the way that the higher education institutes itself can differentiate from others is to position the institution to make it unique and different from the competitors and also more interesting in the higher education industry. In addition, a goal needs to be set for the institution to make the process being in the same direction such as to build a stronger brand and making it more relevant in a borderless higher education market. When the goal is already set, the process that can help you easier to meet the goal is by the use of marketing tools.

One of the marketing tools that can be effective to promote the institution of higher education is advertising. Advertising can be on many media such as television, radio and any printed materials. These media have both advantages and disadvantages. For television, it provides clear picture, movement and sound but the cost is very high, and it cannot cover all of the information you want to tell the customer. Moreover, advertisement through radio can be another choice to communicate with customer, the good things is it can provide more information and more save than TV but the weak part is that the voice just only been heard so it have to be very clear. On the other hand, printed material can be the best way to communicate with the customer especially students in higher education institutes because it can provide all of the information that can be suggested to the customer and also can reach the target people. The communication can be provided throughout many methods of printed material, including catalogues, brochures, annual reports, leaflets and posters. If in the case of an institution the information provided in these materials should be about the positioning of the institution, the course you are provided, some relevant pictures and contact details. The positioning, can be defined as how customer receive the product’s values, is the way the product is defined by consumers on important attributes, the place the product occupies in consumers’ minds relative to competing products. (Armstrong, Kotler and da Silva: Marketing: An introduction an Asian Perspective chapter 6), should be short, clear,...

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