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Suicide In Medical Students Essay

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Suicide in Medical Students

Medical students have always had the dream of becoming a doctor – finishing school, driving a Mercedes-Benz, wearing the white jacket with a stethoscope around one’s neck. This is how society pictures these medical students after they finish medical school. However, the true problem of this scenario lies within the basis of the education of a medical student. While attending medical school, many students are faced with an overwhelming amount of stress along with high expectations of holding exceptional grades. This topic has recently submerged itself into news media after a significant number of students have been accounted for committing suicide due to ...view middle of the document...

They also feel as though if they cannot save individuals, then they must take their own lives.
Students spend years of schooling to educate themselves before applying to go off to medical school. They also spend thousands of dollars to receive an education to become qualified in the medical field – leaving most in financial turmoil at the end. In order for medical students to receive the most out of their educations, they must have an open mind and not become overwhelmed by deaths that surround them. According to S. Rodgers, a physician at Vanderbilt School of Medicine, many medical schools have designed their programs to be difficult. The rates in student drop outs and mental illnesses have shown to increase over the last decade, which calls for some reconstruction at large (Rodgers). Rodgers suggests that the students “health, happiness, and potential” should be in every one’s best interest. Students tend to work hard to become accepted in the medical community and then can no longer handle the workload, therefore turning to suicide. Suicide has become an alarming trend in the last decade, resulting in a fatal end (Garg, Jha and Mazumder). Students feel as though failing exams should result in suicide as a consequence. Jha claims new programs are trying to be implemented, but not to the extent in which they are needed. He also admits the medical program is designed to be stressful, but says solutions can be drawn to prevent students from trying to commit suicide. This outcome can be prevented if precautions are taken. According to Medical Professors Garg, Jha and Mazumder, the primary motive of these students is not to commit suicide, but to become alleviated of stress and an intolerable state of mind.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students, and the first among medical students (Lamis and Lester). This issue has recently gained substantial media attention because of the personal stories behind students that have encountered this unfortunate problem. The media has played a significant role in this matter because many students who are encountering issues in medical school are now thinking about suicide. Because of this, many questions have surfaced when it comes to the design of medical schools and how the design is impacting students on an individual basis. Liability, mental health services, policies and protocols, along with prevention programs were all re-evaluated at various institutions because of media attention (Lamis, Lester and Thomas). The various suicide risk factors of these students were also questioned: sexual orientation, environmental stressors, psychiatric factors, family involvement, alcohol factors, and individual factors. It was concluded that an entire college campus could also have a large impact on an individual’s decision when it came to suicide (Lamis, et al.).
According to a study that was performed by Dr. Lamis from the Medical School at the University of South Carolina and...

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