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Chapter Eight, Bimala’s Story XIV, pp. 136-142
(i) Summary: Bimala feels as if the meeting of her and Sandip was fate. She looks at Nikhil in a completely different way then she did at the beginning of the book. Her emotional draw to him as left her. She recollects things her husband has told her about how he has set her free and how the life at home seems empty compared to the sparks of life that Sandip gives her. Shortly after being reunited with Sandip, she promises him that she will provide the 50 thousand dollars without a doubt. She determines that she will try to acquire the money from the treasury. Afterward, she spent half the night outside the office buildings mischievously ...view middle of the document...

Its simply impossible, and it’s the same for Bimala. “It is like setting a fish free in the sky – for how can I move or live outside the atmosphere of loving care which has always sustained me?” (pg. 137) Nikhil has unintentionally set Bimala up to fail. She is not prepared to operate outside of Purdah. It is very easy to see how badly she fails. She falls in love with the very first man that she comes in contact with and has an affair with him, Sandip. Bimala’s feelings about her home are non-existent anymore. Where she used to see, “The all-pervading heart which used to be there” (pg. 137), she merely sees furniture. She is lost and cannot think for herself, and when she is apart from Sandip she feels empty and baffled. It is very easy to observe that Sandip implements thoughts and ideas into Bimala’s head and she eats up every word. She is almost completely oblivious to realty. Accepting Sandip’s request to acquire the $50,000 for Swadeshi really shows Bimala’s elevated immaturity. Sadly, Bimala’s character in ways seems to have dramatically changed, and not in a good way. With regards to the extent she is willing to go to acquire the money Bimala says, “If by some mantram I could have made all those guards fall dead in their places, I would not have hesitate – so pitiless did I feel!” (pg. 138)...

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