Summary And Essay The Price Of Marriage In China

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Summary of ”The Price of Marriage in China”.

The article is from The New York Times and was written in March 2013.
In the article we meet Yang Jing who is a “love hunter”, supposedly a new breed of matchmaker. She searches for the perfect spouse for her clients (young bachelor millionaires), and with her clients being picky it’s not always an easy job to do. She typically scouts in a shopping mall with her eight-scout team. When they find someone who could match one of her client’s demands, she confronts the woman and says “I’m a love hunter. Are you looking for love?”
In another part of Beijing there’s a different kind of love hunter, an old widowed woman (Ms. Yu) who is desperately looking for a spouse ...view middle of the document...

That leads to a big boom in the Internet dating industry in China, and with the number of singles rising and dating sites established, it makes more people, rich and poor, turn to hands-on matchmaking services.

Essay about finding a spouse in China

Finding a spouse in China or Denmark is only as hard as you make it. It seems that the more the social media is expanding, the lazier we get. We are getting lazy when it comes to meet new people, in this example, meeting “the one and only”.
With the many dating sites that are available today you automatically get pickier when it comes to meeting your next boy- or girlfriend. All that you want, or need, to know is already written black on white. This means you will have a head start if you decide to meet with the person you have contacted via the Internet. This is one of the biggest problems; it takes out the hardest part of meeting a new person. The hardest part is usually to break the ice and start a conversation, and when you already know half of what the other person is like, I guess you would not have too much to talk about.
Although we are made available online, the task of finding a spouse or a husband is especially tough if you are Chinese. In China, even though you have got a lot of dating bureaus and dating sites, you typically do not have the time in your life to look for a loved one. The average Chinese works twelve hours a day, that itself lowers the odds of finding a soul mate. Besides the long days at work there are significantly more men than women in China. So unless the men moved to other countries where the dating market is not as competitive, you would have to be born or become gay if you want to find your true love in China.

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